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Deep Springs College


Visiting And Contact Information

Applications Committee

HC 72 Box 45001

Dyer, NV 89010

United States

Phone: 760-872-2000

Fax: 760-872-4466


Graduate School Admission
Students Pursuing Further Study Upon Graduation:96%
Students Going to Business School Upon Graduation:3%
Students Going to Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Upon Graduation:26%
Students Going to Law School Upon Graduation:11%
Students Going to Medical School Upon Graduation:10%

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Prominent Alumni
Robert SproullFormer President, University of Rochester
James OlinMember of Congress, Virginia (ret.)
Julian StewardAnthropologist (dec.)
Herb ReichPhysicist, Inventor of the Cathode Ray Tube (dec.)
William vanden HeuvelU.S. Ambassador
Vernon PennerU.S. Ambassador
David HitzFounder, Network Appliances

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