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Columbia University

New York, NY
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Visiting and Contact Info

Visiting And Contact Information

212 Hamilton Hall MC 2807

1130 Amsterdam A

New York, NY 10027

United States

Phone: 212-854-2522

Fax: 212-894-1209


Admissions Office Contact Info
Admissions Office Contact:Kathryn Saunders
Title:Director, Visitors Center
Admissions Office Address:Visitors Center - Columbia University
212 Low Library MC 4318
New York, NY 10027
Admissions Office Phone:212-854-4900
Admissions Office Fax:212-854-4925

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Experience College Life
Most Popular Places on Campus:Low Library and Plaza
Butler Library
Postcrypt Coffee House
Ferris Booth Commons
Levien Gym
Most Popular Places Off Campus:Times Square
Greenwich Village
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Tom's Resturant
Central Park

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Campus Tours
Campus Visiting Center:Yes
Phone Number:212-854-4900
Campus Tours:Yes
     Appointment Required:Yes
     Tour Dates:Year-round
     Times:Mon-Fri: 10 and 2; some Saturdays
Average Length:1 hour

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On Campus Interviews
On Campus Interviews:No

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Faculty and Coach Visits
Dates/Times Available:Academic Year
Advance Notice:2 weeks
Contact Email Address for Coach Visit:kl2718@columbia.edu

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Class Visits
Dates Available:Academic Year
Arrangements:Contact Visiting Center

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Overnight Dorm Stays
Overnight Dorm Stays:Available
Advance Notice:2 weeks
Arrangements:Contact Admissions Office
Any Limitations:Permitted for 1 night on M-TH during the fall semester while classes are in session

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Visiting and Contact Info

  • Admissions Office Address:
  • Visitors Center - Columbia University
    212 Low Library MC 4318
    New York, NY 10027
    Phone: 212-854-4900
    Fax: 212-854-4925
  • Visiting Center:
  • Campus Tours:
  • On Campus Interviews:
  • Overnight Dorm Stays:
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