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University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Stevens Point, WI
Special Needs

UW-Stevens Point Says...

The university does not have a formal program or a specialized curriculum for students with LD; rather it provides all of the services appropriate to ensure equal access to all programs. Their philosophy is to provide what is mandated in order to enhance the student’s academic success, and also to... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

1108 Fremont St.

Room 102

Stevens Point, WI 54481

United States

Phone: 715-346-2441

Fax: 715-346-3296


Admissions Information
Program / Service Name:Office of Disability Services
Type of Program:For all students with disabilities
Director:Jim Joque
College Entrance Tests Required:Yes
Interview Required:No
Documentation Requred for LD:WAIS or WISC R, WJ, ETS as appropriate
Documentation Required for ADHD:Medical doucmentation in the form of a report or statementf from a qualified professional verifying the disability

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Services Offered
Calculator allowed in exams:Yes
Dictionary allowed in exams:Yes
Computer allowed in exams:Yes
Spellchecker allowed in exams:Yes
Extended test time:Yes
Oral exams:Yes
Distraction-free environment:Yes
Accommodation for students with ADHD: Yes
Reading machine:Yes
Other assistive technology:Yes
LD specialists:No
Added costs for services:No
Priority registration:Yes

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Special Needs

  • Program / Service Name:
    Office of Disability Services
  • Type of Program:
    For all students with disabilities
  • Director:
    Jim Joque
  • LD specialists:
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