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Le Moyne College

Syracuse, NY
Special Needs

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Visiting And Contact Information

1419 Salt Springs Rd.

Syracuse, NY 13214-1301

United States

Phone: 315-445-4300

Fax: 315-445-4711


Admissions Information
Program / Service Name:Disability Support Services
Type of Program:For all students with disabilities
Director:Roger Purdy
College Entrance Tests Required:Yes
Interview Required:No
Documentation Requred for LD:See our website at: www.lemoyne.edu/dss/docs
Documentation Required for ADHD:See our website at: www.lemoyne.edu/dss/docs

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Services Offered
Calculator allowed in exams:Yes
Dictionary allowed in exams:Yes
Computer allowed in exams:Yes
Spellchecker allowed in exams:Yes
Extended test time:Yes
Distraction-free environment:Yes
Accommodation for students with ADHD: Yes
Reading machine:Yes
Other assistive technology:Yes
LD specialists:No
Priority registration:Yes

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Special Needs

  • Program / Service Name:
    Disability Support Services
  • Type of Program:
    For all students with disabilities
  • Director:
    Roger Purdy
  • LD specialists: