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The Ohio State University--Columbus

Columbus, OH
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Special Needs

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The Office for Disability Services (ODS) at Ohio State University offers a variety of services for students with documented disabilities, including learning disabilities, hearing or visual impairments, attention deficit disorders, and psychiatric or medical disabilities. The mission of ODS is to... More More

Visiting And Contact Information

Student Academic Services Building

281 West Lane

Columbus, OH 43210

United States

Phone: 614-292-3980

Fax: 614-292-4818


Admissions Information
Program / Service Name:Office for Disability Services
Type of Program:For all students with disabilities
Director:Lois Burke Harris
College Entrance Tests Required:Yes
Interview Required:No
Documentation Requred for LD:A comprehensive psychoeducational test battery, which means intelligence/ability testing and educational acheivement testing are recommended. A diagnostic report including all standard test scores as well as subtest scores and the evaluator's narrative recommended. Assessments normed by adults are preferred. Psychoeducational testing completed within the last 3 years provides a better assessment of current functional limitations.
Documentation Required for ADHD:Diagnosis and date of diagnosis; criteria used for diagnosis (e.g. DSM); identification of all instruments and procedures for making diagnosis; description of treatments recommended including medication; indication of functional limitations in educational setting; recommendations for academic accommodations. A diagnostic report is recommended.

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Services Offered
Calculator allowed in exams:Yes
Dictionary allowed in exams:Yes
Computer allowed in exams:Yes
Spellchecker allowed in exams:Yes
Extended test time:Yes
Oral exams:No
Distraction-free environment:Yes
Accommodation for students with ADHD: Yes
Reading machine:No
Other assistive technology:Yes
LD specialists:Yes
Added costs for services:No
Priority registration:Yes

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Special Needs

  • Program / Service Name:
    Office for Disability Services
  • Type of Program:
    For all students with disabilities
  • Director:
    Lois Burke Harris
  • LD specialists:
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