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Vanderbilt University

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Tuition & Aid

Vanderbilt Says...

Tuition, Room, Board and Fees

The costs for 2010-2011 include: tuition, $38,952; room and board, $13,058; books and supplies, $1,344; and the student activities and recreation fee, $978. First-year engineering students are required to have a laptop computer which meets requirements specified by the School of Engineering. All costs are subje...
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Bottom line

In addition to being need-blind in the admissions process, Vanderbilt meets 100 percent of a family’s demonstrated financial need through its Expanded Aid Program. Best of all, need-based financial aid packages for eligible students have been loan-free since 2009.
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Visiting And Contact Information

2305 West End Avenue

Nashville, TN 37203

United States

Phone: 615-322-2561

Fax: 615-343-7765


Expenses per Academic Year
Tuition / Fees Vary by Year of Study:Yes
Description:There is an additional First Year Experience fee for Freshmen of $642.

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Financial Aid Statistics
Financial Aid Rating: 98
Freshman receiving any financial aid:70%
Undergraduates receiving any financial aid:65%
Average Percent of Need Met:100%
Average Total Financial Aid Package:$44,720
Average Freshman Total Need-Based Gift Aid:$39,784
Average Undergraduate Total Need-Based Gift Aid:$39,373
Average Need-Based Loan:$3,469
Average amount of loan debt per graduate:$20,303
Undergraduates who have borrowed through any loan program:21%

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Available Aid
Financial Aid Methodology Used:Federal and Institutional
Scholarships and Grants:Federal Pell
State Scholarships / Grants
Private Scholarships
College / University Scholarships
Federal Direct Student Loan Programs:Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans
Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
Direct PLUS Loans
Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL):Federal Perkins Loans
Federal Nursing Loans
College/university loans from institutional funds
Is Institutional Employment Available (other than Federal Work Study):Yes
Direct Lender:Yes

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Financial Aid for International Students
Financial Aid Policy for International Students:Need-based scholarship or grant aid is available
Non-need-based scholarship or grant aid is available
Average Undergraduate Total Need-Based Aid:$48,030.00
Required Financial Aid Forms:CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE

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Financial Aid Application Process
Priority Financial Aid Application Deadline:02/03
Freshman Financial Aid Notification Date:04/01
Required Forms:FAFSA
CSS/Financial Aid Profile
Financial Aid Office Phone Number:800-288-0204

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Key Statistics

Tuition and Aid

  • Ugrads receiving need-based financial aid:
  • Avg % of Need Met:
  • Avg Financial Aid Package:
  • Financial Aid Notification Date:
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