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University of Idaho College of Natural Resources

Moscow, ID
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Academics & Programs

Visiting And Contact Information

Student Union Building

Room 137

Moscow, ID 83844-4266

Phone: 208 885-4001

Fax: 208 885-4406


Degrees / Programs
Most Popular Programs:

Fish and Wildlife Resources: Fish or Wildlife Genetics

Fish and Wildlife Resources: Conservation Biology

Forest Products: Wood Chemistry / Bioenergy

Conservation Social Sciences: Wilderness and Protected Areas

Conservation Social Sciences: Environmental Education / Communication and Interpretation

Rangeland Ecology and Management: Invasive Plant Management

Rangeland Ecology and Management: Spatial Ecology / Restoration - Rehabilitation

Forest Resources: Genetics

Forest Resources: Remote Sensing/ GIS

Forest Resources: Forest Entymology/Pathology

Weekend Classes Available: No
Evening Classes Available: No
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Degrees / Programs

  • Weekend Classes Available:
  • Evening Classes Available:
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