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Brooklyn College CUNY Graduate Studies and Research

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Visiting And Contact Information

2900 Bedford Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11210

Phone: 718 951-5001

Fax: 718 951-4506


Brooklyn College CUNY Says...

Assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships in all academic areas are available to qualified students. The Magner Center for Career Development and Internships facilitates Web-based job searches through the CUNY Metro job bank as well as offering a full range of career services.
% of students who obtain jobs in fields related to major:
Within six months of graduation: 85%
Average Starting Salary: $50,000.00
Career Placement Office: Yes
# of Employers that Recruit on Campus Each Year: 355
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Key Statistics

Career Placement

  • Average Starting Salary:
  • Career Placement Office:
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