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Hawai'i Pacific Center for Graduate and Adult Services

Honolulu, HI
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1164 Bishop Street, Suite 911

Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 808 544-1135

Fax: 808 544-0280


Hawaii Pacific University Says...

Career development and preparation is an integral part of Hawai'i Pacific University's graduate education. The university's key location in downtown Honolulu, in the heart of the business and financial community of the Asia-Pacific region, serves as an immense asset to students seeking interaction... More More
% of students who obtain jobs in fields related to major:
Within six months of graduation: 85%
Within one year of graduation: 98%
% of master's graduates employed in their field upon graduation: 70%
Average Starting Salary: $72,500
Career Placement Office: Yes
Career Placement Rate: 0.00
# of Employers that Recruit on Campus Each Year: 210
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Career Placement

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