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University of San Diego College of Arts & Sciences

San Diego, CA
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Tuition And Aid

Visiting And Contact Information

5998 Alcala Park

San Diego, CA 92110-2492

Phone: 619 260-4524

Fax: 619 260-4158


Financial Aid
Financial Aid Office Telephone: 619 260-4524
Types of non-need-based scholarships/ grants available: College/University
Creative arts/performance
Types of need-based scholarships/grants available: Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL)
FFEL Subsidized Stafford Loans
FFEL Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
Federal Perkins Loans
Range of Individual Scholarship / Grant:

Min $100.00

Max $5,000.00

Students Receiving Scholarships / Grants: 80%
Students Receiving Fellowships: 58%
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