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University of Pennsylvania Law School

Philadelphia, PA
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Academics & Programs

Visiting And Contact Information

3501 Sansom Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6204

United States

Phone: 215-898-7400

Fax: 215-898-9606


Penn Law Students Say...

Founded in 1850, Penn Law is one of the country’s most outstanding law schools, boasting a “stellar” academic reputation and a cross-disciplinary program nearly unrivalled by other schools. The school “has a lot of resources and ensures that it remains a place of cutting edge legal thinking and... More More
Degrees / Programs
Academic Experience Rating: 98
Specializations: Civil Procedure , Commercial , Constitutional , Corporation Securities , Criminal , Environmental , Government Services , Human Rights , International , Labor , Legal History , Legal Philosophy , Property , Taxation , Intellectual Property
Degrees Offered: JD, three years; LL.M., one year; LL.C.M, one year, S.J.D., at least two years
Joint / Combined Degrees Offered: As one of the world’s preeminent research institutions, Penn is home to an array of superb graduate and professional schools – all within walking distance. Three-Year Programs: JD/MBA; JD/MA or MS (Criminology); JD/MSEd (Educational Policy); JD/MSEd (Higher Education); JD/MES (Environmental Studies); JD/MPA (Government); JD/MA (International Studies); JD/MBE (Bioethics); JD/MSSP (Social Policy); JD/MA (Economic Law with Specialization in Global Governance); JD/MSW (with a BSW), JD/LLM (Hong Kong). Four-year programs: JD/MCIT (Computing & Information Technology); JD/MCP (City & Regional Planning); JD/MSE (Engineering); JD/MPH (Public Health); JD/AM (Islamic Studies); JD/MSW; JD/MBA; JD/DMD (Dental Medicine); JD/MS (Historic Preservation). PhD programs (6 years): JD/PhD (American Legal History); JD/PhD (Philosophy), JD/PhD (Psychology); JD/PhD (Communications). JD/EdD (Education) and JD/MD in Medicine. Also, JD/BA and JD/BS within Penn. Plus ad hoc programs.
Participation in Clinical Program: No
Moot Court Requirement: No
Public Interest Law Requirement: Yes
Legal Research Course Required: Yes
Part-Time Program: No
Evening Program: No
Academic Journals: University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Journal of Constitutional Law, Journal of International Law, Journal of Business Law, Journal of Law and Social Change and the East Asia Law Review.
Grading System: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C with mandatory distribution in first year courses. There is no GPA and no class rank.
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Faculty Total: 146
Part-time Faculty: 48.6%
Female Faculty: 30%
Minority Faculty: 13.7%
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Academic Services Offered
Minority Support Groups: Yes
Women Support Groups: Yes
International Student Support Groups: Yes
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups: Yes
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Degrees / Programs

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