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Florida Coastal School of Law Florida Coastal School of Law

Jacksonville, FL
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8787 Baypine Road

Jacksonville, FL 32256

United States

Phone: 904-680-7710

Fax: 904-680-7692


Degrees / Programs
Academic Experience Rating: 60*
Specializations: Commercial , Corporation Securities , Criminal , Environmental , International , Property , Taxation , Intellectual Property
Degrees Offered: J.D., J.D./M.B.A., J.D./M.P.P, LLM
Joint / Combined Degrees Offered: J.D./M.B.A. The Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University (JU) and Florida Coastal School of Law (Coastal Law) created a joint degree program through which qualified individuals may enroll in the Coastal Law J.D. and the Davis MBA programs simultaneously. By allowing a number of courses to satisfy requirements in both programs at the same time, the time required to earn both degrees is shortened. Students in the dual degree program may obtain both degrees in as little as 3 years. Part-time students typically can complete both degrees in five years. J.D./M.P.P. The Jacksonville University Public Policy Institute-Florida Coastal School of Law JD/MPP joint degree program is a 4 year program.
Participation in Clinical Program: Yes
Moot Court Requirement: No
Public Interest Law Requirement: No
Legal Research Course Required: Yes
Part-Time Program: Yes
Evening Program: Yes
Academic Journals: Florida Coastal Law Review
Grading System: Grades in each course reflect academic performance as evaluated by the faculty member. Faculty members may, at their discretion, consider class attendance and participation in determining final grades. Faculty members will provide students with a written syllabus of course work and an explanation of the testing and grading requirements for the course.
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Academic Services Offered
Minority Support Groups: Yes
Women Support Groups: Yes
International Student Support Groups: Yes
Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Support Groups: Yes
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Degrees / Programs

  • Part-Time Program:
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