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New York Law School Law Program

Campus Life / Facilities

Visiting And Contact Information

185 West Broadway

New York, NY 10013

United States

Phone: 212-431-2888

Fax: 212-966-1522


New York Law School Students Say...

Like the city in which the campus sits, NYLS is a melting pot where students of every age and part of the world converge to immerse themselves in their law education. Minorities make up a quarter of the student body but students say that there are only two types of students “those that are from the NYC area [and] those that are not.”

NYLS maintai...

NYLS maintains a competitive atmosphere but not overwhelmingly so. “People are more than willing to share notes, outlines, and briefs,” they say. “I was very surprised at how cooperative students are with each other,” relates a 1L.

There is plenty to do when students aren’t studying. “Student groups are plentiful, and there are many leadership opportunities for students.” As far as the social scene, reviews often vary. “Since New York Law School is not attached to a larger undergraduate institu­tion, we are a more close-knit community,” says a 1L, “like a large extended family.” While other students feel a rift. “I would not say that there is a strong New York Law School social scene per se,” reflects a 2L. “School spirit, community, and social life at the school should be improved.”

All students agree, though, that there is no shortage of things to do when New York City is your campus. NYLS is located in the hip, trendy, and expensive neighborhood of Tribeca. Endless shopping and nightlife options are available in nearby Greenwich Village and Soho, with the rest of the city of Manhattan just a subway ride away. More More

Research Facilities
Research Facilities: DRAGNET search tool, Mendik library mobile app
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Technology on Campus
% of Classrooms with Internet Access: 100%
Campus-wide network: No
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Key Statistics

Campus Life / Facilities

  • % of Classrooms with Internet Access:
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