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Southwestern Law School

Campus Life / Facilities

Visiting And Contact Information

3050 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90010-1106

United States

Phone: 213-738-6717

Fax: 213-383-1688


Southwestern or Southwestern Law School Students Say...

By all accounts, diversity is “great” at Southwestern in every way. Students come here from pretty much every state and all walks of life. Ethnic minorities constitute about a third of the population. Roughly two-thirds of the students have either previous work experience or some kind of advanced degree already. The academic atmosphere is “very pro...
Research Facilities
Research Facilities: Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute; the Writing Center
Off-Campus Resources: LEXIS-NEXIS, other databases; For dual-degree students, access to all resources at the Drucker Graduate School of Management of Claremont Graduate University.
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Technology on Campus
% of Classrooms with Internet Access: 100%
Campus-wide network: No
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Key Statistics

Campus Life / Facilities

  • % of Classrooms with Internet Access:
  • Campus-wide network:
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