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UMDNJ - School of Osteopathic Medicine

Stratford, NJ
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One Medical Center Drive, Suite 210

Stratford, NJ 08084

United States

Phone: 856-566-7050

Fax: 856-566-6895


Degrees / Programs
Degrees Offered / Length of Time: $104,005.00
Combined Degrees Offered / Length of Time: DO/PH.D. - 7 year program DO/MPA - 5 year program DO/JD - 6 year program DO/MPH - 5 year program DO/MS - 5 year program DO/MBA - 5 year program
Grading System: Honors, High Pass, Pass, Low Pass, Fail
Academic Information:
All applicants are processed and reviewed without regard to state of residence. The minimum course requirements are eight semester hours of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, all with associated labs and six semester hours each of English, Math and Social Sciences. Applicants should have at least a 3.0 GPA in both sciences and overall, as the average GPA of successful applicants is 3.4. The MCAT is required and must be no more than three years old. The average MCAT of successful applicants is in the 89 range. Just over 15 percent of approximately 2000 applicants are interviewed, with interviews taking place between August and April. About one - half (1/2) of interviewees are accepted. Wait list candidates may send supplementary information to update their files.
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Total Faculty: 187
% Part-Time: 19%
% Female: 39%
% Minority: 18%
Notable Faculty:
NameTitleSpecialtyFields of Endeavor
R. Michael Gallagher, D.O.Dean & ProfessorFamily MedicineHeadache
Thomas Cavalieri, D.O.ProfessorMedicineGeriatrics
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  • Total Faculty:
  •      % Part-Time:
  •      % Female:
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