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Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

Kansas City, MO
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Visiting And Contact Information

Office of Admissions, 1750 Independence Ave

Kansas City, MO 64106-1453

United States

Phone: 800-234-4847

Fax: 816-460-0566


Admissions Statistics
Average MCAT Biololgy: 8.64
Range: 4.00 - 14.00
Average MCAT Physical: 8.13
Range: 6 - 13
Average MCAT Verbal: 8.09
Range: 4.00 - 13.00
Average MCAT Essay: Q
Average UGrad GPA: 3.45
Ugrad GPA Range (25% - 75%): 2 - 3
Application Deadline: 02/06
Uses AMCAS Application: No
Transfer Applicants Accepted: No
Deferred Admission: Yes
Admissions Process: AACOMAS On-line is available early May 2006, for the 2007 entering class. All application materials, including detailed instructions, can be accessed through the AACOM website, http://www.aacom.org. AACOMAS gathers all the necessary material about each applicant and transmits the information in a standardized format to the college(s) of osteopathic medicine selected by the applicant. AACOMAS has no participation in the selection process. The applicant will receive from AACOMAS a computer-generated applicant profile with a calculation of GPA and MCAT averages. KCUMB also will receive the applicant profile, accompanied by a photocopy of the AACOMAS application and personal statement. KCUMB conducts an initial review of the transmitted AACOMAS application, MCAT scores, and academic record to determine which applications will be further processed. Applicants meeting the initial review criteria will receive a KCUMB supplemental application. A supplemental application may be forwarded to an applicant under some circumstances when specific information is not available or will be submitted later. These circumstances generally relate to applicants who have not taken the MCAT and/or are registered to take the next scheduled MCAT exam. Applicants are encouraged to include the scheduled MCAT test dates on the AACOMAS application to indicate the intent of taking or retaking the exam.
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Admissions Factors
MCAT Scores: Important
Science GPA: Important
Non Science GPA: Considered
Letters of Recommendation: Important
Essay/ personal statement: Important
Interview: Very important
State Residency: Not Considered
Extracurricular Activities: Considered
Exposure to Medical Profession: Important
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Admissions Requirements
MCAT Scores: Required
Essay/ personal statement: Required
Science GPA: Required
Non Science GPA: Required
Extracurricular Activities: Required
Letters of Recommendation: Required
Interview: Required
State Residency: Optional
Admissions Requirements: The minimum academic requirements for admission to the first year class are: 1. The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). The MCAT is administered in April and August of every year. If applying for the 2006 entering class, only April 2003 through August 2005 scores will be accepted 2. A baccalaureate degree, or commendable completion of at least three-fourths (90 semester hours or 135 term credit hours) of the required credits for a baccalaureate degree, from a regionally accredited college or university. The baccalaureate degree is preferred and preference is given to those candidates who will have earned the degree prior to matriculation in the medical school program. 3. Satisfactory completion, with a grade of C or higher, of the following college courses, including laboratory work: Biological Sciences 12 Semester Hours Chemistry 13 Semester Hours Bio Chemistry (in addition to Chemistry hours) 3 Semester Hours Genetics (in addition to Biological Sciences) 3 Semester Hours Physics 8 Semester Hours English Composition/Literature 6 Semester Hours Total 45 Semester Hours
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  • Average MCAT Bio:
  • Average MCAT Phys:
  • Average MCAT Verbal:
  • Average MCAT Essay:
  • Average UGrad GPA:
  • Ugrad GPA Range
    (25% - 75%):
    2 - 3
  • Application Deadline:
  • Transfer Applicants Accepted:

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