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Brown University The Warren Alpert Medical School

Providence, RI
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Visiting And Contact Information

222 Richmond Street, Box G-M

Providence, RI 02912

United States

Phone: 401-863-2149

Fax: 401-863-5096


Admissions Statistics
Average MCAT Biololgy: 11.10
Range: 8.00 - 14.00
Average MCAT Physical: 11.10
Range: 6 - 14
Average MCAT Verbal: 10.50
Range: 8.00 - 13.00
Average MCAT Essay: Q
Average UGrad GPA: 3.67
Ugrad GPA Range (25% - 75%): 3.3 - 3.8
Application Deadline: 11/01
Uses AMCAS Application: Yes
Transfer Applicants Accepted: No
Deferred Admission: Yes
Admissions Process: Brown accepts applications from qualified graduates of accredited colleges or universities through the AMCAS admissions route. Students are also admitted through the PLME, the Postbaccalaureate pathway, and the Early Identification Program (EIP). Those interested in applying for the standard route of admission must file an application with the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) by November 1 and submit a secondary application with required documents before December 31. The PLME application is part of the undergraduate application package. Students enrolled in premedical, postbaccalaureate programs at Bryn Mawr College, Columbia University,Goucher College, and Johns Hopkins University apply through the Postbaccalaureate pathway. Students attending schools that are part of the EIP program in Rhode Island should contact their premedical advisors for application procedures. Interviews are required of most applicant groups.
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Admissions Factors
MCAT Scores: Important
Science GPA: Important
Non Science GPA: Important
Letters of Recommendation: Important
Essay/ personal statement: Very important
Interview: Very important
State Residency: Considered
Extracurricular Activities: Very important
Exposure to Medical Profession: Very important
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Admissions Requirements
MCAT Scores: Required
Essay/ personal statement: Required
Science GPA: Required
Non Science GPA: Required
Extracurricular Activities: Required
Letters of Recommendation: Required
Interview: Required
State Residency: Optional
Admissions Requirements: Students admitted to Alpert Medical School must attain competence in the sciences basic to medicine and sufficient to provide adequate preparation for medical school. Applicants are expected to demonstrate competence by successfully completing courses in the following areas of study: Biology (at least two courses); Chemistry (two courses in general inorganic chemistry and one course in organic chemistry); Physics (a two-course sequence for coverage of topics in mechanics, heat, electricity, optics, and radiation physics); and Social and Behavioral Sciences (at least two courses, preferably in anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics or political science). The MCAT is required for students applying to the standard route of admission. All applicants are selected on the basis of academic achievement, faculty evaluations, evidence of maturity, motivation, leadership, integrity, and compassion. In order to be eligible for consideration, candidates generally must present a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) in courses taken as a matriculated student at an undergraduate college. Applicants who have attended graduate school generally must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) in courses taken in graduate school. In addition, applicants must have completed the requirements for a baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation into medical school.
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  • Average MCAT Bio:
  • Average MCAT Phys:
  • Average MCAT Verbal:
  • Average MCAT Essay:
  • Average UGrad GPA:
  • Ugrad GPA Range
    (25% - 75%):
    3.3 - 3.8
  • Application Deadline:
  • Transfer Applicants Accepted:

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