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Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine

Kenmore, WA
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Visiting And Contact Information

14500 Juanita Dr NE

Kenmore, WA 98028

United States

Phone: 425-602-3330

Fax: 425-602-3090


Admissions Statistics
Average UGrad GPA: 3.32
Application Deadline: 02/01
Notification Date: 04/15
Application Fee: $75.00
Uses AMCAS Application: No
Transfer Applicants Accepted: Yes
Deferred Admission: Yes
Admissions Process: Admission is based on academic achievement, personal and social development, relevant experience and demonstrated humanistic qualities.
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Admissions Factors
MCAT Scores: Not Considered
Science GPA: Very important
Non Science GPA: Very important
Letters of Recommendation: Important
Essay/ personal statement: Very important
Interview: Very important
State Residency: Not Considered
Extracurricular Activities: Important
Exposure to Medical Profession: Very important
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Admissions Requirements
MCAT Scores: Optional
Essay/ personal statement: Required
Science GPA: Required
Non Science GPA: Required
Extracurricular Activities: Optional
Letters of Recommendation: Required
Interview: Required
State Residency: Optional
Admissions Requirements: Applicants must submit the following credentials: all official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, a completed application form and a $75 application fee. Required coursework includes a bachelor’s degree, one course in college-level algebra or precalculus, four courses in chemistry (including a two-term sequence of organic with labs), three quarters or two semesters of biology with labs (must include work in cell biology and genetics), at least one course in physics (must include mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism), and one course in psychology. Courses earning a C- or below are not accepted for prerequisite consideration. Required chemistry and biology courses not taken within seven years of matriculation into the program are subject to review by the admissions committee. Additional coursework may be required. Applicants who meet the basic admission standards may be invited to an interview.
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  • Average UGrad GPA:
  • Application Deadline:
  • Notification Date:
  • Application Fee:
  • Transfer Applicants Accepted:

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