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Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine

The Basics

Visiting And Contact Information

3200 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50312-4198

United States

Phone: 515-271-1451

Fax: 515-271-7163


Degrees Offered / Length of Time: Doctor of Osteopathy, (D.O.) Four year program; Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences - two year program; Master of Science in Anatomy - two year program
Student Faculty Ratio: 13:1
Total Faculty: 62
% Part-Time: 35%
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Average MCAT Biology: 9.68
Average MCAT Physical: 8.66
Average MCAT Verbal: 8.78
Average MCAT Essay: O
Average UGrad GPA: 3.70
Application Deadline: 02/01
Uses AMCAS Application: No
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Student Body
Enrollment: 872
% Female: 53%
Average Age at Entry: 25.00
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Tuition & Aid
Students Receiving Some Aid: 95%
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Key Statistics

At A Glance

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