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Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

The Basics

Visiting And Contact Information

Office of Admissions, 185 South Orange Avenue

Medical Science Building, Rm. C-653

Newark, NJ 07103

United States

Phone: 973-972-4631

Fax: 973-972-7986


Degrees Offered / Length of Time: BS/MD (in conjunction with several undergraduate schools); MD/Ph.D.;MD/MPH;MD/MBA; Early Decision; NEW: Early Decision MD/PhD option
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Average MCAT Biology: 11.10
Average MCAT Physical: 10.00
Average MCAT Verbal: 1,102.00
Average MCAT Essay: P
Average UGrad GPA: 3.65
Application Deadline: 12/01
Notification Date: 10/15
Uses AMCAS Application: Yes
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Student Body
Enrollment: 695
% Female: 49%
Average Age at Entry: 0.00
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Key Statistics

At A Glance

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