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    Students of all religions flock to Israel for its eight research universities and numerous colleges. Not bad for a country about the size of New Jersey!

    Many of these institutions offer semester or year-long study abroad programs, with classes in Hebrew and Middle Eastern Studies supplementing traditional academic offerings. If you're Jewish or interested in Jewish history, you may even be eligible for financial support from the Israeli government or private organizations.

    Israel is famous for its religious sites, many of them in Jerusalem's Old City. Jews revere the Wailing Wall. Muslims worship at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third most important in the world. Christians visit Bethlehem in the nearby West Bank.

    Yet the country also has numerous attractions that have nothing to do with holy books (or text books). On long summer days, tourists and locals head to one of the many Mediterranean beaches. Ready to dance? Hip Tel Aviv offers a nightlife scene on par with any in the world. If you want to spend a few shekels, check out the fantastic crafts in Jerusalem's markets, or head to Haifa's high-end retail shops. And then there's the justifiably famous Israeli food, a cross section of Middle Eastern delicacies from falafel to krembos (cream-covered chocolate cookies).

    It's no wonder that many students choose to study abroad in Israel. Whether you're interested in ancient history or modern politics, great food or vibrant culture—Israel's got it.

    * Although it's always wise to check travel advisories before you go, the security situation in Israel has calmed down considerably in recent years. Foreign students and travelers have little reason to worry.

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