Center for Study Abroad

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Since 1990, participants have chosen Center for Study Abroad (CSA) for its high quality programs and wide range of study destinations. Through CSA, you can study Spanish in Mexico, French in Paris, or even Mandarin in Beijing.

CSA's mission is to provide quality study abroad programs at a lower cost and with maximum flexibility to best fit each participant. CSA offers accredited programs in safe locations with a very professional and caring staff. An on–site Director and on–campus staff assist students with any questions and concerns they may have. CSA is a member of the National Association of International Educators (NAFSA) and the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

Why should you study abroad with CSA? Because CSA programs are:

  • Affordable – Low cost programs since 1990! Financial aid is accepted.
  • Available – Open to all students and adults worldwide.
  • Flexible – Different housing, travel, and program options are offered.
  • Convenient – It's easy to apply and register.
  • Global – Programs are offered throughout Europe, Asia, and South America
  • Caring – Free, prompt counseling available.

Center for Study Abroad – Locations

CSA prides itself on offering a wide range of destinations around the globe. Programs are available in Europe, Central and South America, and Asia.


  • Austria : Students choose from a selection of intensive German–language programs conducted at a private school in central Vienna. Programs are offered year–round and last from 2–6 weeks.
  • England : Program description is not yet available.
  • France : Three university–based programs–The University of Paris – Sorbonne, the University of Aix–Marseilles III, and the University of Bourgogne in Dijon–offer 4–week summer or full–semester language programs. 2– and 4–week programs in French Language and Culture are available in Montpellier (near the Mediterranean) and Lisieux (in Normandy).
  • Germany : Beginner through advanced intensive German language programs are offered in Stuttgart. Programs last from 2 to 6 weeks.
  • Ireland : Program description is not yet available.
  • Italy : Choose from 2–, 4–, and 8–week Italian Language and Culture programs in Florence, Rome, or Siena.
  • Portugal : Study Portuguese and Portuguese culture in Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Programs are offered year–round and at all levels. Programs vary in length from 2–8 weeks.
  • Russia : Explore Russia and study the Russian language in St. Petersburg. Programs last from 2 to 8 weeks and courses are provided at 6 levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • Spain : Four university–based programs are available–University of Alicante, University of Salamanca, University of Granada, and University Complutense Madrid. Each location offers 4–week, quarter (except Granada), or semester–long programs. 2–, 4–, or 8–week intensive language programs are offered year–round in Seville, Barcelona, Malaga, Salamanca, Granada, and Madrid.

Central and South America

  • Brazil : Study Portuguese and Brazilian culture in the beach town of Maceio. Programs are offered year–round and at all levels. Programs vary in length from 2–8 weeks.
  • Chile : Students spend a full–semester at the University of Vina Del Mar in an intensive Spanish and Chilean culture program. Shorter programs (4–8 weeks) are available during the summer and winter (January) months.
  • Costa Rica : Two programs are offered in Costa Rica: An intensive Spanish language program near San Jose (2–, 4–, and 6–week programs); and, a Spanish Language and Latin American Studies program at the University of Veritas (4– or 8–week, and Quarter programs).
  • Mexico : Students can choose from intensive Spanish language and cultural programs in Cancun, Puerta Vallarta (at the University of Guadalajara), and Mazatlan. Programs last from 2 to 6 weeks and are available year–round.
  • Peru : Study Spanish and experience the wonders of the ancient Inca Empire with a program in Cuzco. Programs start year-round and last from 2 to 6 weeks.
  • Puerto Rico : Take part in a 4–week summer program in Puerto Rico, learning the Spanish language and studying Puerto Rican culture.

Asia and the South Pacific

  • Australia : Program description is not yet available.
  • China : Students interested in studying the Chinese language while living abroad have three programs to choose from: the Beijing Language and Culture University (4–weeks, quarter, and semester); Fudan University – Shanghai (4–weeks and semester); and Chinese Studies in Hong Kong (2–, 4–, and 8–weeks).
  • Japan : Choose from a 4–week summer program in Japanese Language and Society in Kobe or choose a language and culture program in Tokyo. The Tokyo programs are offered year–round and range in length from 4–6 weeks to a full–quarter.
  • New Zealand : Program description is not yet available.
  • Vietnam : "Vietnamese language and culture studies" is offered at the Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City – Academic year, Semester, and Summer terms available.

Center for Study Abroad – Housing

CSA provides a range of housing options for program participants including on–campus student residences, off–campus student flats, and housing with local host families. Housing options vary by program. In most cases, housing is confirmed prior to arrival. For some university programs, however, housing is requested upon students' arrival. This allows students to maintain flexibility and control over their own housing.

Center for Study Abroad – Academic Options

In addition, students can earn college credit for completing CSA study abroad programs. All students will be provided with transcripts, certificates, or letters of attendance stating the courses they have completed, course levels and hours, and final grades upon program completion. All transcripts and certificates are issued directly by the school involved, not by CSA. All CSA programs are fully–accredited. Students should request that an official transcript or certificate be sent to their home institution prior to leaving and should request a copy for their own records. All students should consult with their home institutions prior to selecting a study abroad program.