If your idea of a study abroad program in England involves stuffy halls and dank libraries, well, you're partially right, but English universities have much more to offer.

England is nothing if not a country of contrasts. For proof, look no further than the British government, a mix of parliamentary democracy and monarchy. Once you delve beneath the surface, you'll find a country whose urban scenes give way to beautiful landscapes and whose medieval architecture seamlessly blends with modern buildings. Although British culture is often seen as bound by longstanding and deep-rooted traditions, it is quickly becoming more and more diverse as people immigrating from all over the world choose to make England their home.

Those who study abroad in England inevitably find themselves in the country's economic, cultural, and political center–London. With a population of seven million–30 percent of whom are of non–native descent–London is one of the biggest and most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Approximately 200 languages are spoken within city limits. Most of the country's news and money are made here, and many of the biggest multinational companies are based in The City–London's financial district. But London's not all pounds and pence; her museums, galleries, restaurants, and clubs rank among the worlds finest. Monuments from England's imperial past, from medieval banquet halls to the great churches of Sir Christopher Wren, stand alongside Twentieth Century wonders such as the Tate Modern.

Many universities and colleges in England offer top–notch study abroad programs to foreign nationals. If the rush of London isn't for you, you might find your temporary home in the English countryside with its rolling hills, national parks, and 600 miles of coastline. The country perennially attracts students who are drawn by its varied landscape, rich history, curious customs, and world–renowned education system.

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