Do you want to study abroad in Hungary, learn Hungarian, and explore Eastern Europe? Many universities and colleges in Hungary offer study abroad programs for visiting students.

Hungary is a country that offers a true sense of "Old Europe." The bucolic Hungarian countryside is dotted with Baroque villages, vineyards, mountain paths, thermal springs, and lakes. Like most European countries, Hungary is easily navigable by public transportation, and so it's a great destination for the student–traveler. In fact, with a welcoming population and endless cultural attractions, Hungary is, for some, the ideal destination for a study abroad experience. Perhaps the most daunting aspect of life in Hungary is the Hungarian language (and its seemingly endless intricacies).

Study in Budapest

If your goal is to immerse yourself completely in Hungary's unique culture and language, then the best path may lead to Budapest, Hungary's capital and largest city. Once three individual cities–Obuda, Buda, and Pest–the capital was officially united in 1873. Today, having emerged from Communism as a cosmopolitan city, Budapest is a lively place considered by many tourists to be among the hidden treasures of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Danube River–the heart and soul of the city–separates Buda from Pest. At night, as the seven bridges, the castle, and Parliament all light up and are reflected in the dark waters, the view is spectacular. The city also boasts a number of hot springs, at which the Turks in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries built a multitude of baths that are still frequented by tourists from all over the world.

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