If you choose to study in Scotland, you'll find that the Scottish keep a firm grasp on their heritage. Regardless of whether a Scot speaks Celtic or Gaelic, his or her identity will be deeply influenced by Scottish history and traditions. If you take a semester or a full year to study abroad in Scotland, you'll find out that there's far more to learn about the land and her people than you may have thought!

The Scottish story (the clans, the kilts, the Celtic and Gaelic languages) began in Ireland, from which the Scots migrated in the 5th Century. The Gaelic language, still spoken today by inhabitants of the highlands and islands, is recognized by many Scots, whether they speak it or not, as being an important part of the nation's culture.

Scotland has plenty to boast about in the realms of folk art, literature, and music. The annual Edinburgh International Festival–one of the world's leading arts events–encompasses all these facets of Scottish culture. The largest festival in all of Great Britain, the festival is a must if you are interested in seeing fringe theatre, music, and poetry performed to audiences from all over the world.

Study Abroad in Scotland: Stirling

Stirling is an ancient fortress city with a long and colorful history, is in central Scotland, just thirty miles from Glasgow and forty miles from Edinburgh. It sits just south of the Scottish Highlands, a mountainous region that draws thousands of hikers every year.

Study Abroad in Scotland: Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital, is an ancient city built on crags and cliffs. A series of serpentine streets guide visitors through Edinburgh's main attractions: its galleries, its castles and palaces, and the Great Kirk.

Study Abroad in Scotland: Glasglow

Glasgow is perhaps the most Scottish city in Scotland. Full of galleries and bohemian types, Glasgow is Scotland's haven for artists and hipsters.

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