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Hough Hall 310
P.O. Box 117152
Gainesville, FL 32611
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

The University of Florida’s Hough Graduate School of Business online MBA program is “the best overall combination of rankings, student feedback, faculty level, and course structure.” It offers a “high-caliber program with flexibility for a chaotic work environment,” “great value for the cost,” and an “accelerated pace.” Students rave about the “challenging, yet very beneficial” program, which includes “real-life business cases,” a “great online platform to deliver materials,” and “quality instructors.” One student marvels about “the program’s ability to take an online education and foster an environment where in two years time I feel like I know all fifty students in my cohort personally and professionally.” That isn’t an easy task, but one of the ways this is accomplished is by “keeping the same groups for half of the program.” Another is by providing the opportunity “to meet every few months on campus, to connect with cohorts and lecturers.” Students voice the general opinion that “the program allows a good balance” between schoolwork and personal life, although “certain terms are more hectic than others.” One Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.31
Applicants: 556
Acceptance Rate: 46%
Average Age: 29
Online Enrollment: 261
Total Tuition and Fees: $59,807
Average GMAT Score: 682
Average Starting Salary: $101,357
Popovich Hall Room 308
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

“Convenient, prestigious, and cutting-edge” are just some of the ways students describe the online MBA program at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. The academic support of USC’s MBA program is “outstanding.” Although most students attend the program exclusively online, it still creates an impression that “feels very intimate and catered to the student.” The curriculum is “streamlined, organized, and helpful.” Students attending the online program “have never met a more talented group of professors.” They are “incredibly engaged” and make themselves readily available “to meet or have a phone call at any time to discuss coursework.” The instructors respond promptly to “requests, questions, or concerns,” “provide candid feedback,” and “are flexible with deadlines and scheduling conflicts.” One student says, “I am amazed at the availability of the professors for office hours. For a couple of my classes, they met with me 1:1 to help me out with a couple of questions that I had in preparation for the final.” These “exceptional educators” also implement interdisciplinary lessons “to ensure full understanding Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.09
Work Experience: 11.0 years
Applicants: 234
Acceptance Rate: 57%
Average Age: 35
Online Enrollment: 178
Total Tuition and Fees: $109,428
Average GMAT Score: 705
Average Starting Salary: $122,634
Calle Maria de Molina
No. 11, 13, 15
Madrid, Madrid 28006
  • AACSB-Accredited

As the first online MBA program in Europe (founded in 2000), IE University's outstanding reputation consistently attracts "diverse" and "strong" talent the world over. Students find the curricular experience second to none: "Support is always online with us while in class and readily available otherwise." Likewise, the program's "administration is generally very supportive," getting back to students with "feedback within less than 24 hours." Students praise IE's online class format, describing it as "at the forefront" of online education. "Experienced and talented" professors are also "really engaging and know how to use the forums and on-line tools extremely well." The students are "well-connected, global citizens" who say they are "goal-oriented," "supportive team players." Students say they "love working with a team that is spread out across the world and working in different industries" because it exposes them to "different spheres of businesses" and "experiences." Through a custom mobile app and other interactive tools, IE has accommodated its technical setup with the needs of working professionals in mind. Student count the online platform among the school's Read More...
Work Experience: 8.8 years
Applicants: 359
Acceptance Rate: 69%
Average Age: 32
Online Enrollment: 191
Total Tuition and Fees: $60,130
Average Starting Salary: $91,468
Tepper School of Business
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

The Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business Part-Time Online MBA offers students the opportunity to combine online classes with short on-site immersive "Access Weekends" held every two months at Carnegie Mellon locations throughout the United States. Students say they choose the Tepper School Online MBA program because of its "flexibility," noting that "the online program offered me an opportunity to attend an outstanding MBA program while continuing to work." Students appreciate that the Online MBA program is "treated exactly the same as [Tepper's] full-time and part-time programs," including that it "provides the same curriculum and awards the same degree as its full-time program." These part-time students appreciate that "the program allows you to switch to full-time option." The faculty is not only "excellent" and "very knowledgeable" but also "easily accessible." Students appreciate that "the class size is small and courses are analytical;" however, they experience some "logistical" issues and would like more electives. Online classes use a variety of software and notably make ample use of Vidyo video conferencing for live instruction. The students Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.36
Applicants: 193
Acceptance Rate: 56%
Average Age: 30
Online Enrollment: 125
Total Tuition and Fees: $141,320
Average GMAT Score: 687
Average Starting Salary: $124,058
Graduate Enrollment Services
58 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

The prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology's Online Executive MBA Program, within its Saunders College of Business, is specifically designed for professionals with at least six years of work experience. Its students see it as a "well-known" and "rigorous" "accelerated program" that delivers 47 credit hours in 17 month of study. The program blends foundational courses with current developments in technology management, innovation, and product commercialization, and students appreciate the "the deep coverage of each functional area instead of one concentration, e.g. [in] finance, accounting, or technology." Though the coursework is entirely available online, the program offers an orientation weekend, which "sets you off in the right direction with the program" as well as an international immersion trip. The "international immersion and consulting engagement in Dubai was outstanding," raves a current student. "I believe immersion is a huge benefit to attending RIT. There is significant bonding and networking with staff and classmates." In terms of completing a remote EMBA, students call RIT's technology "simple and engaging." "The recordings and live sessions added great value and were Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.20
Work Experience: 14.7 years
Applicants: 39
Acceptance Rate: 33%
Average Age: 38
Online Enrollment: 42
Total Tuition and Fees: $78,000
Average GMAT Score: 530
Average Starting Salary: $60,133
1731 East Campus Center Drive
Suite 2250
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

At the University of Utah's David Eccles School of Business, MBA Online students share the same "phenomenal" and "supportive" professors as their on-campus counterparts, but benefit from the "convenience" and "accessibility" of an entirely online format. Students choose the University of Utah for its "great reputation" and "cutting-edge" outlook. When they arrive, they love how "the program is run extremely effectively" and that the "administration is always responsive and accommodating." One student remarks, "My e-mails are answered within one hour, even at 2 a.m." Members of the program all attend a three-day on-campus residency during their first year, which students say is "fantastic." "There was a perfect mix of lectures, group work, mixers, and time to get to know our instructors." MBA Online's major strengths are "the quality and accessibility of the instructors and the tools and assignments used to create a collaborative environment." "The professors are amazing in their skills . . . They are so supportive and truly want to help us understand and apply the material to our real lives." Technologically, "lectures Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.40
Applicants: 187
Acceptance Rate: 70%
Average Age: 35
Online Enrollment: 124
Total Tuition and Fees: $60,000
Average GMAT Score: 651
Average Starting Salary: $93,364
P.O. Box 874906
Tempe, AZ 85287
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

ASU's W.P. Carey School of Business attracts a wide variety of online MBA students thanks to its excellent reputation, and students accordingly name "the quality of education" along with "flexibility" when asked about the greatest strengths of the program. Academically, ASU offers students an "optional area of emphasis" in finance, international business, marketing, or supply chain management. Students find that their classes provide "different environments that we will face as we progress through our careers," within a " well orchestrated" and "coordinated" program that uses "top tier tools" to "[deliver] excellent content with excellent access and feedback." They save the highest praise for their fellow MBA students, who "range from managers at Fortune 500 companies (Apple, Boeing, Cisco), to Air Force pilots and Law School dual degree students." These "extremely intelligent and dedicated" students are "professional," "diverse," collaborative," "self-motivated," talented," and "demanding." Students say they develop "good time management skills" to balance coursework with jobs and family," but "professors are always willing to help" and "the workload is just right [. . .] for working Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.34
Work Experience: 6.0 years
Applicants: 268
Acceptance Rate: 59%
Average Age: 31
Online Enrollment: 356
Total Tuition and Fees: $61,545
Average GMAT Score: 680
Average Starting Salary: $103,771
Olin Hall
Babson College
Babson Park (Wellesley), MA 02457
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

Babson College is “highly regarded” for its Blended Learning MBA Program and is the “#1 school for teaching entrepreneurship.” The program specifically focuses on entrepreneurial studies in all of its classes. About half of the students are looking to start their own businesses, “while the other half is looking to expand functionally or enter into higher levels of management.” “There is a heavy focus on three areas: entrepreneurship (most importantly), group/team work, and management/organization.” For most graduate students, flexibility is crucial. Many MBA students want a program where it is possible to “balance both work and school” without giving up their current source of income. The Babson College Blended Learning MBA program offers the opportunity for students to attend classes both on campus and online. One student says, “I really enjoyed the Blended Format. Working in Corporate Finance means sometimes I cannot leave work to attend night class and my schedule is incredibly demanding. The blended program allowed me to be flexible while also getting the critical face time in class for discussions.” Babson students Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.20
Work Experience: 9.3 years
Applicants: 112
Acceptance Rate: 81%
Average Age: 35
Online Enrollment: 162
Total Tuition and Fees: $90,710
Average Starting Salary: $78,313
JMU MBA Program
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

James Madison University offers two AASCB-accredited MBA programs: the Innovation MBA and the Information Security MBA. JMU's information security concentration, particularly, is unique in the field and a "hot topic among industry professionals." Students describe it as the "best degree that combines Infosec and MBA." Students like JMU's instructional format, especially the hybrid format. "The mix of on-line and in-person classes was incredibly valuable. The program was designed to make efficient use of live classroom time." But students still enjoy enough flexibility to accommodate "any career or geographical changes within a several hundred-mile radius" from campus. Students are "also encouraged to meet outside of class often to enhance the learning experience." The university's technology supports this dynamic mode of learning through Blackboard Collaborate, which students describe as "seamless" and "very easy to navigate" while facilitating "great interaction from classmates and professors." The school has also recently rolled out SharePoint online, a platform that allows for real time collaborations, which works well in a learning environment that "stresses collaboration and the importance of teamwork." In administering Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.05
Work Experience: 9.7 years
Applicants: 25
Acceptance Rate: 100%
Average Age: 35
Online Enrollment: 44
Total Tuition and Fees: $37,800
College of Business 201B
730 North 14th Street
Lincoln, NE 68588
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln's Online MBA program holds applicants to competitive expectations—two years of management/leadership experience, a 600 GMAT score, and a 3.0 undergraduate GPA are highly recommended—but students who make the cut are rewarded with an "internationally recognized" program that strikes "the perfect balance of reputation, curriculum quality, flexibility . . . and price." Students in this 100 percent online program may choose one of five academic concentrations (in business analytics, supply chain management, international business, finance, or marketing), and many name "the specialty in business data analytics" as a huge draw. Likewise, students praise the "well-rounded" curriculum with "many elective courses" all "structured into 8-week semesters [which] makes it easy to focus on one course at a time while working full-time." The "tremendously helpful" yet "challenging" professors are also "very accessible." "All the professors use the online setting in their own unique way with different forms of student collaboration and interaction" aided by technology like TechSmith Relay for interactive lecture videos, frequent live online instruction sessions, and a shared repository for Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.40
Applicants: 317
Acceptance Rate: 85%
Online Enrollment: 518
Total Tuition and Fees: $30,315
UT Dallas
800 West Campbell Road, SM 21
Richardson, TX 75080
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

The University of Texas at Dallas' premier Naveen Jindal School of Management offers students unable to attend a resident MBA program an identical core curriculum in its Professional MBA Online Program (PMBA). Uniquely, the PMBA has no requirement for students to attend campus at any point during the program, and students are not organized into specifically structured classes, but complete a part-time course load entirely at their own pace. All of this makes JSOM's online MBA ideal for professional students who prioritize a "good balance of convenience, reputation, and price." Even considering all this, students don't feel distant from the program: "I feel like my entire program is tailored to me individually. The staff is always around to solve any issues and to offer advice." Students also like the convenience of the "multi-platform" learning technology and note that the school is "progressing each year in how they use it to teach and foster discussion." Students can take "both online and live classes," and benefit from multimedia production studios that the school uses to produce online Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.48
Work Experience: 8.3 years
Applicants: 326
Acceptance Rate: 51%
Average Age: 30
Online Enrollment: 299
Total Tuition and Fees: $55,441
Average GMAT Score: 675
Average Starting Salary: $102,214
414 E. Clark St.
Vermillion, SD 57069
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

As the “only AACSB accredited university in the state,” The University of South Dakota’s Beacom School of Business attracts many students looking to pursue their online MBA degree. The “excellent price,” “great reviews,” and “top-notch” academic advisement make this “100 percent online” program the “best known organization in the area for MBA.” Students may “attend classes” using the online format regardless of their specific location. The program is structured in such a way that students may choose the best allotment of their personal time in order to “keep up with the work load.” The program adds “a great deal of classwork” to students’ lives, but most students claim it is still “doable,” as almost all professors “keep it within a tolerable range.” A student says, “The online business school classes are the most organized online classes I have taken, and I have taken online classes from multiple universities.” The faculty members at USD are “prompt with all responses.” Phone calls and emails typically receive responses within “the same day, usually within a few hours.” Advisors Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.33
Work Experience: 6.0 years
Applicants: 112
Acceptance Rate: 96%
Online Enrollment: 188
Total Tuition and Fees: $15,371
Average GMAT Score: 493
Average Starting Salary: $60,204
425 W. Magnolia Avenue
Suite 4000 Horton
Auburn University, AL 36849
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

Auburn University’s College of Business online “AACSB accredited MBA program” offers the “best ROI for the quality.” This “practical program” with a “stellar reputation” focuses on making “online students feel like part of the family.” One student says, “Auburn treats this just as though I am in the classroom and treats me as an equal student. It is basically like I’m on campus every day.” The school incorporates “full-time and part-time students collaborating on projects and viewing live recordings of lectures.” Even students with “intense work schedules and family demands” find the “virtually online” coursework “manageable” and “not all encompassing.” Nevertheless, the “demanding rigor” of the program still keeps students “engaged and accountable.” The assignments are “thorough and well-presented.” Auburn’s online program is “second to none.” The administration and professors “make it extremely easy to be an online student and still feel connected.” Instructors utilize an “interactive platform,” an “online video platform,” and many other “online tools” to create an authentic experience. The professors are always enthusiastic and “excited to chat with online students and Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.36
Work Experience: 6.0 years
Applicants: 296
Acceptance Rate: 67%
Average Age: 28
Online Enrollment: 371
Total Tuition and Fees: $35,100
Average GMAT Score: 580
Average Starting Salary: $68,191
McClelland Hall, Building 108, Rm 210
P.O. Box 210108
Tucson, AZ 85721
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

The University of Arizona's Eller College of Management conveniently offers six starts throughout the year for its Eller Online MBA for working professionals, and students praise the "flexibility" of choosing how many courses to take at a time. With six concentrations in entrepreneurship, health care, finance, management and organizations, management information systems, and marketing, students appreciate the "breadth of classes offered" and "the opportunity to touch upon a variety of subjects." Students choose the Eller Online MBA for its "affordability," "great reputation" and "convenient online experience." As one student reports, "University of Arizona's program was the right mix of cost, reputation, and course offering." Another adds that the program embraces its online student population "by communicating daily, providing 24/7 librarian services, and making its professors accessible." Courses are 100 percent online and delivered via the "user-friendly" Blackboard platform, which "enables in-class discussions, group discussions, private discussions with the professor and video lectures that do not skip or stall." As one student raves, "Accessibility was flawless . . . I travelled frequently while in the program Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.45
Work Experience: 6.9 years
Applicants: 164
Acceptance Rate: 86%
Average Age: 32
Online Enrollment: 122
Total Tuition and Fees: $45,000
Average GMAT Score: 659
Average Starting Salary: $89,209
WTAMU Box 60215
Graduate School
Canyon, TX 79016
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

With “AACSB accreditation,” the online MBA program at the College of Business at West Texas A&M University has “the best value” for a highly regarded academic program. Students describe the rigor of the program as a “significant commitment” where “one must be mentally prepared.” Although it can be “very trying at times,” it is still “manageable” for the majority of students. Most are able to “prioritize tasks and activities” in order to maintain a healthy “work-life balance.” The winter and summer courses offered for many of the MBA programs are another perk and add to the accommodating experience of this fully-online curriculum. One student says, “I have been able to maintain a work-life balance in part due to free time during slow periods on the job, but I still found three classes per semester too much. I recommend two classes per semester, taking advantage of winter and summer sessions to stay on track to graduate within two years.” The faculty members at WTAMU help to make the MBA program convenient for the hectic lives of Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.55
Work Experience: 3.0 years
Applicants: 450
Acceptance Rate: 88%
Average Age: 29
Online Enrollment: 690
Total Tuition and Fees: $18,133
Average GMAT Score: 550
Average Starting Salary: $95,924
140 Seventh Avenue South
LPH 122
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
United States
  • AACSB-Accredited

The University of South Florida—St. Petersburg offers one of the country’s top online MBA programs that’s “designed to be flexible for the business professional” at an “affordable price.” USF is smartly organized, allowing students to “work completely at their own pace.” Still, the school “does a great job keeping everyone on track by requiring weekly tasks to be completed.” And students also have access to “a great amount of support” and “a wide variety of concentrations” while earning their degree.

With all of that said, it’s no surprise that students here hold the USF faculty in high regard. One individual shares, “The professors are accessible, responsible, and always patient to answer your questions.” They’re also willing to go the extra mile, with “some even sacrificing their weekends to offer an online workshop before exams.” Additionally, instructors “make every effort to keep classes relevant with current events and developments in the business world.” To keep things interesting, they’re also known to share “personal … stories and experiences from their careers.” All of this helps to explain why Read More...
Average Undergrad GPA: 3.35
Work Experience: 6.1 years
Applicants: 298
Acceptance Rate: 49%
Average Age: 32
Online Enrollment: 232
Total Tuition and Fees: $17,697
Average GMAT Score: 568

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