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August 1

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The Fisher International MBA program at MIIS offers students just what it says it does, an MBA in international business. Not only that, but the campus itself, located in central California, has an international feel. "Half the students in every class are international students," and all are required to be proficient in a second language. Students are also "encouraged to study abroad." "I came here to avoid being around the traditional business school student wanting to go make millions and maximize profit without caring about social or environmental impact." There is an emphasis on green business strategies, as well as an understanding of what the future of business will actually look like. "The school itself is entrepreneurial. This year, it launched an innovative program in partnership with social impact investment firms to send students out to emerging countries like Vietnam, India, Nigeria, and Tanzania. The students work with the venture firms directly." The program's focus is on language studies, environmental issues, corporate responsibility, and cross-cultural negotiation. "Last year as a part of the sustainability lecture series, business leaders from interesting new ventures like Revolution Foods and Numi Tea came to lecture weekly." Students appreciate the "cross-sector focus, specifically international development and environmental policy." They also like the "accessibility to other disciplines." At MIIS students have the opportunity to specialize or opt for a dual degree. They can work toward an MBA, as well as an MA in fields, such as environmental policy, public administration, and translation.

Students love "the international perspective, the size (for its adaptability, personal attention, etc.), the innovative nature of the curriculum, and the focus on sustainability." "The school is small but packs a punch. In the same week, students could see guest lecturers on Nuclear Proliferation in Iran, and representatives from Denmark talk about how the country achieved a 100 percent growth rate without an increase in petroleum use." Because of its small size, "everything is personalized. The administration has designed the program, so that no two students' experience is the same, each being custom tailored to the student's professional goals." "If we want to see something happen, we can make it happen." "The administration is forward-thinking and proactive in finding new and exciting directions for the school; there is an ability to adapt quickly to new trends in education and business." Some professors are "excellent" and "frequently engage with students" outside of class. Students say professors are on a first-name basis with many students. One suggests "the academic rigor could be more standardized. Some courses are highly rigorous, while others are not." Others worry that "a couple really good professors retired this term." They hope they will be replaced "with equally talented professors."


International Business
Investment Banking
Non-Profit Management/Public Administration
Organizational Behavior

Center for Research

International Business


Courses in Sustainability

Sustainability course is

Students may select from a variety of elective courses focusing on sustainability, green business or triple bottom line, such as "Marketing Research at the Base of the Pyramid", "Building and Sustaining Social Venture", "Green Marketing", "Innovations for Sustainability", "Environmental Issues in Business", “Business Models for Sustainable Development”, “Poverty, Business Strategy & Sustainability”, "Business and Sustainability", and "Globalization Management and Strategy". All students are required to do an International Business Plan project, which focuses on sustainable business strategies.

Research Opportunities in Sustainability

All students are required to complete an International Business Plan, a team based consulting project with a client firm. Projects cover a wide variety of industries, and all contain an analysis of how to implement strategies for sustainable business success. For example, a student team conducted a project for Guyaki to develop product lines to help reforest the Amazon, and incorporate carbon neutrality into their business processes. Another IBP plan worked with a non-governmental organization in the Sacred Valley of Peru and developed a business plan to make vodka from locally sourced potatoes-the profits from this endeavor will be used for community development. Other sustainable research projects included business plans for Plan-It Hardware, International Sea Keepers, EcoMentum, and Convergent Energy. Students may also participate in consulting projects and research through the Center for Globalization and Localization of Business Exports (GLOBE Center). Projects look at ways to adapt products and services to foreign markets in sustainable ways. Projects have included a marketing plan for a herder cooperative in Inner Mongolia that is looking to sell sustainable cashmere around the world; and development of a system to rank Chinese SMEs in terms of their CSR practices that were presented to a group of Chinese executives at the Beijing WTO. Our Frontier Market Scouts program places student with social capital investment organizations abroad to seek promising entrepreneurs and match them with social capital funders.Student reaseach best business practices, qualities of successful entrepreneurs, and other key issues in the growing social venture capital world. Students may also serve on the Institute's Sustainability Council, which looks at ways the campus may be more sustainable. Recent projects include LEED Certification training programs, development of an organic garden and composting center on campus, drafting of a campus wide Green/Sustainable Building Policy, waste reduction programs, and an environmental audit. The Monterey Institute has recently set a goal to become Carbon Neutral by 2016. More info may be seen at the following websites:http://www.miis.edu/about/sustainability

School's environmental commitment 1:
Our Curriculum at the Fisher International MBA requires all students to complete an International Business Plan, a team based consulting project in which students advise companies on sustainable business strategies and business development. Additionally we have numerous workshops and courses focused on sustainable business, green business, triple bottom line strategies, such as "Sustainability & Business Opportunity", "Poverty, Business Strategy & Sustainability", "Environment and Natural Resource Finance", "Business Models for Sustainable Development", "Diffusion of Sustainable Technologies at the Bottom of the Pyramid", "Social Entrepreneurship", "Socially Responsible Investing", "Business Planning for Sustainability",. Students may also take courses in the International Policy Studies, International Environmental Policy, or International Public Administration/Social Change Management programs on campus.The MBA faculty have partnered with faculty from the Master of Arts in International Environmental Policy to design an integrated, five semester dual degree program combining concepts from sustainable business and environmental stewardship throughout the program.

School's environmental commitment 2:
The School and Institute Community provide many opportunities for students to become actively involved in sustainability issues. We have a strong chapter of Net Impact, which hosts speaker series, and an annual conference. Students have also used a vacant lot near campus to start an Organic Community Garden and Composting Program, providing organic fruits and vegetables to the Institute community and cutting down on waste.Students host Earth day/week events to raise awareness of environmental issues in the local and regional community, and have an ongoing tree planting project on the old Fort Ord porpoerty, raising seedlings from locally sourced acorns, and doing plantings several times per year.

School's environmental commitment 3:
At the Institute level, students are members of task forces and councils that look at sustainability issues for our campus. We have a Sustainability Council, an Environmental Task Force, and participate in a number of nationally and internationally recognized environmental and sustainability focused organizations. We are a signatory to the Taillories Declaration and the Presidents Climate Committment. More info may be seen at: http://www.miis.edu/about/sustainability. Our parent institution, Middlebury College, is a forerunner in environmental education and sustainable campus inititives. Faculty teach at both campuses during January sessions, and collaborate on environmental issues.

Career Overview

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Students Say

The Center for Advising and Career Services (CACS) for the Fisher International MBA program "acts as an 'executive search firm'," helping students "target potential employ- ers and enhance their value." Students are assigned advisors during the admissions process, and career planning starts from day one. They offer personal consultations, as well as a multitude of workshops covering topics, such as salary negotiation, how to interview, and networking. Students admit the office "is slowly pulling things together." What hampers this process is the school's size and location. Not many recruiters are com- ing to campus, and one student reports you can "expect to get a job and an internship on your own." However, there is an online job resource for both students and alumni, and the school hosts an annual career fair, which draws more than 100 employers to campus.

The top five employers who hired graduates last year were the following companies: PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Veritas Wealth Advisors, Ernst & Young, LeCroy Corp, Foundation for Community Development.

Job Function

Job Function % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
General Management 18%
Marketing / Sales 14%
Consulting 9%
Finance / Accounting 9%
Other 9%
Information Technology 5%
Operations / Logistics 5%


Industries % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Non-profit 18%
Real Estate 14%
Technology 14%
Consulting 9%
Consumer Products 5%
Financial Services 5%
Government 5%

Prominent Alumni

Fumio Matsushima
Head of Private Banking, HSBC Japan

Laurent-Gabriel Vinay
CEO/President, Hugo Boss Japan

Elizabeth Powell
Vice President of Customer Service, Motorola

Naoko Yanaghara
Vice President of AT&T Japan

Andrew Elliott
North America Director of Software & Services, Nokia


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Aug 1

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Campus Life

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At MIIS "students are responsible, well rounded, and honest." They are also "aware of international issues," "socially conscious," and "culturally sensitive." Students are "motivated by new and creative ideas" and "have a desire to operate outside of their comfort zones." They have "a great combination of international experience and curi- osity. Many students have been in the Peace Corps or are going. Many are bilingual or multilingual." Most have lived and worked abroad or are international students visiting from other countries.

"You can't ask for a more beautiful area than the Monterey Bay peninsula." Monterey is located on the coast in central California about two hours south of San Francisco. It has a population of about 30,000 residents, making it "fairly quiet." There are "wonderful restaurants in town and in surrounding areas." However, there is "not much variety in night life." The school sponsors a monthly happy hour during which students min- gle with faculty and staff, and students also interact with students in other programs through various activities. There is a scuba club, a golf club, as well as a Women in Business club, just to name a few. There are also "many opportunities for outdoor activ- ities in the surrounding area."

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