Batch upload allows bulk import of users into the system via a csv file.


Important Note

DO NOT import a batch file of users that have no email addresses more than once! As there is no unique identifier for each student, dupe logic will likely fail and you will end up creating duplicate accounts.


User Information

Select the Program that best identifies the user doing the import:

  • Institutional
  • International
  • Retail


Import Options

Dupe Handling

Decide how you want the system to process duplicate accounts and select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu. Dupe handing checks for duplicate accounts on:

  • Email address
  • First Name + Last Name + Address + Zip/Postal Code (CAUTION: If you don't have email addresses for each user, dupe handling is spotty and not reliable. NEVER run an import file with no email addresses more than once as you will most likely create duplicate accounts.)

Send Deferred Registration Emails

Selecting this option triggers the deferred registration email after the import has been successfully completed.

Retail Uploads

Required fields for retail uploads are:

  • StudentFirstName
  • StudentLastName
  • Address1Zip or Zee (one of these must be populated so that users can be mapped to the right market)
  • Address1Country
  • ClientType
  • StudentType
  • CanContact (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • CanContactSchools (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • CanContactSurveys (Set to TRUE or FALSE)

International Uploads

Required fields for international uploads are:

  • Email
  • StudentFirstName
  • StudentLastName
  • StatusId
  • Address1Country
  • ClientType
  • StudentType
  • CanContact (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • CanContactSchools (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • CanContactSurveys (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • PSOId

We recommend that you use "Add missing fields to duplicate records" option. This will ensure that existing users in the system will be updated with the correct country code.


Institutional Uploads

Required fields for institutional uploads are:

  • StudentFirstName
  • StudentLastName
  • StatusId
  • Address1Country
  • ClientType
  • StudentType
  • CanContact (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • CanContactSchools (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • CanContactSurveys (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • PSOId


Batch Upload Template Fields

Core Information (Required *)

  • Email
  • StudentFirstName *
  • StudentLastName *
  • Address1StreetAddress1
  • Address1StreetAddress2
  • Address1City
  • Address1Type (set to Home, School or Business)
  • Address1State
  • Address1Zip
  • Address1Country *
  • Phone1Number
  • ParentEmail
  • ParentFirstName
  • ParentLastName

UserType Details

These are REQUIRED * fields. Use these exact values. It's case-sensitive so it must appear as follows in the csv file:

ClientType *

  • Student
  • Parent or guardian of student
  • Working professional
  • Educator or admissions officer

StudentType *

  • Middle/junior high school student
  • High school student
  • College student
  • Graduate student

Customer Status

StatusID is the number that identifies the customer level. If the student is being enrolled in a course, and status is not set to Employee/Instructor, status will automatically be set to Customer.

  • "0" = ColdLead (non-registrant)
  • "1" = Lead (registrant)
  • "2" = Prospect (free event enrollee)
  • "3" = Customer (paid course enrollee)
  • "4" = Employee
  • "5" = Instructor

Course Details

  • PSOId
  • Cancel (Set this to TRUE to remove a student from a scheduled offering, otherwise leave it blank.)


Specify BLANK to record importer as source, or specify a tracking code GUID generated from the Ad Tracking Tool, or specify:

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Chat
  • Directory
  • Event
  • Inbound Call
  • Outbound Call
  • Partner List
  • Purchased List
  • Jot Form
  • Local Office

Additional Details (Required *)

  • Zee (if different than default zee for postal code)
  • HighSchoolGraduationYear
  • WhatInterestedIn (Set to Tutoring, College Counseling, Test Prep, College or Graduate School Information or All of the above)
  • Modality (Set to In Person, Online or Self Prep )
  • BirthDay
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • ELLStatus
  • CanContact * (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • CanContactSchools * (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • CanContactSurveys * (Set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • LunchStatus
  • SchoolNameHS
  • SchoolNameCollege
  • CollegeGraduationYear
  • CollegeMajor
  • SchoolID
  • ExternalID
  • WhenPlanningToEnroll
  • Consultation (Set this to TRUE if the prospect is interested in a consultation, otherwise leave blank)
  • ClickEventId

Creating a Parent-Child Association When Enrolling into a PSO

Batch Upload will create a parent-child association on enrollment into a PSO when the following fields are populated:

  • PSOId
  • ParentEmail
  • ParentFirstName
  • ParentLastName

When these 4 fields are populated, the system will create accounts for both the child and parent, if they don't already exist, and it will create a parent-child link on the PSO.

If all fields are populated with the exception of the PSOId field, the system will create accounts if they don't already exist but there will be no parent-child link without a PSO. In addition, the child's user record will be updated with the parent's information.


Assigning the ClientAdmin Role

  • ClientAdminPSOs (Providing a PSOId or a comma-separated list of PSOIds with spaces in between will assign the ClientAdmin role and these PSO(s) to the account).

    For example, if a user needs access to PSOs 111111, 222222 and 333333, they should be in the same row under the ClientAdminPSOs column as, "111111, 222222, 333333".

    Under Program, select "Retail".

    Under Dupe Handling, select "Add missing fields to duplicate records".


Results Log File

When an import is completed, the system will output a log file that indicates:

  • Rows that had duplicate records in the DB
  • Rows that had errors which prevented them from being imported


Need Support?

Please provide the following in a ticket to :

  • CSV file used for the batch upload
  • Description of the issue
  • If applicable, the PSO you were trying to batch upload into
  • Screenshot of the batch upload log if there were error messages
  • The settings used for the batch upload, this would be the selections you made under Program and Options