Register for the GMAT
  • Enrolling with The Princeton Review does NOT register you for an actual test administration. If you need help registering, please visit About the GMAT for complete test information including “How Do I Register?”

Complete Your Pre-Course Assignments
  • You will have full access to your Dashboard 10 days before your first scheduled session. Use this time to complete the pre-course assignments detailed below.

  • Take your first practice test. See additional information below and on the Resources tab of your Dashboard. The results from your first practice test will help you to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will, in turn, help you to prioritize your study time.

  • Complete the lessons and drills in the Before section of Class One on the Coursework tab using the Syllabus view.

  • Read through the material on the Resource tab to familiarize yourself with the tools provided as part of your course.

Understand Your Course Schedule
  • Classes are interactive. Come prepared to learn by participating. Your success depends on mastering both content and specialized test taking techniques. Classes will involve reading questions aloud and working through problems to practice techniques. Your instructor will call on you! And bring an open mind because some techniques will be different than what you may have learned in other contexts.

  • Consult the Before section for each class in the Coursework section to keep on top of pre-class assignments necessary for you to benefit fully from each session.

Take Your Computer Based Practice Tests
  • It’s important to take practice tests as you progress through your course. Your Dashboard includes access to 10 full length practice tests. These tests work as much like the real GMAT exam as possible.

  • We ask that you take 7 tests during your course. These tests are found in the Required Tests folder. If you wish to take the other 3 tests, you can find those in the Supplemental Tests folder.