Register for the LSAT
  • Enrolling with The Princeton Review does NOT register you for an actual test administration. If you need help registering, please visit About the LSAT for complete test information including “How Do I Register?”
  • Note that many LSAT test centers fill significantly before the official registration deadline. You should register early!
What to Bring to Your First Session
  • Your course begins with a full-length practice test.
  • A book of practice tests and answer sheets are included with your textbook material.
  • You will need to bring the practice test book and an answer sheet along with pencils and erasers. You should treat all practice test sessions the way you would the actual LSAT.
  • The proctor for the test may not have extra materials for students who come without their practice test book or answer sheets.
  • If your textbook kit hasn’t arrived before your first session, you can print a copy of the first practice test and an answer sheet from the In Case You Did Not Receive Your Books section of your Dashboard.

Understand Your Course Schedule

Your course includes two types of sessions:


    Practice tests and answer sheets are included with your textbook material. Consult the syllabus on the Resources page of your Dashboard for more information about the order in which you should complete the tests.

    Practice tests simulate the duration and time pressure you will encounter on the actual test. The initial test session introduces you to what you are up against, and identifies strengths and weaknesses that will guide your preparation. Later test sessions are important opportunities to apply what you are learning in class.

    If you need to miss a practice test, you will need to make it up at your home, a library or any place where you will be able to focus and be able to complete the practice test in one sitting. If you take any practice tests outside of a scheduled test session, you should enter your answers online as detailed above. While it is possible to make up a practice test independently, you should complete any make-up tests before the next scheduled class.

    You should always record your answers in your test booklet as well as on your answer sheet. Most students find that completing an entire page of the test or two facing pages before taking time to enter answers on the answer sheet improves focus. Recording your answers in your test booklet also enables you to score your test immediately.

    Within a week after each test session, you will have access in the Practice Test tab of your Dashboard to an interactive report that analyzes your score.

    For more immediate access to your score report, you may also enter your answers into an online form in the Practice Tests tab of your Dashboard. Click Start beside the appropriate test, then Launch Bubble Sheet. Note that if you complete essay section and want feedback, you will need to type in your essay.

    Classes are interactive. Come prepared to learn by participating. Your success depends on mastering specialized test taking techniques. Classes will involve reading questions aloud and working through problems to practice techniques. Your instructor will call on you! And bring an open mind because some techniques will be different than what you may have learned in other contexts.