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Students Say

Washington and Lee may be “small in size, but [it] has the resources of a large tier-one law school.” W&L small size means “tiny class sizes” with great “faculty to student ratio[s].” It also fosters a friendly atmosphere where everyone “genuinely care[s] about you and your success.” Other benefits include a “strong alumni presence,” “challenging, but fulfilling” academics, and “the slow atmosphere of Lexington, VA” that “leaves fewer distractions from school.” By far the most raved about aspect of W&L’s School of Law is that it has the “best 3L program in the country” that “has revolutionized legal teaching.” The third year program “focuses heavily on practice preparation and client interaction” and students are “put through an ‘immersion’ course at the beginning of each semester, which is an intense practice-based scenario in litigation (fall semester) and transaction work (spring semester).” This is a great improvement “over the traditional law school curriculum where 3L is basically just a year of spending money and killing time.”
“The facilities themselves are good, especially for such a small school,” and “classrooms are equipped with up-to-date technology.” While it's not in the most attractive or state of the art building…the campus as a whole is quite beautiful and homey,” one student observes. Another says “Sydney Lewis Hall is a 1970s monstrosity,” but “the administration is making a concerted effort to renovate the building.” One benefit of Washington and Lee’s facilities is that every student has “their own study carrel” in the “amazing” library. Like the building itself, these carrels may be “a bit old (and cold),” but are still a luxury that not every law school affords. As a 1L explains, “Law school is not a walk in the park but W&L makes it as nice as it can be, in a lot of ways.”
Students give high ratings to the staff, saying “everyone from the cafeteria employees to the dean of the school is phenomenal.” “The administration is extremely caring and helpful,” but “the faculty are head and shoulders above the administration.” Students say the biggest strength of the school is the “teachers, teachers, and teachers.” The “brilliant” professors at W&L are “extremely accessible” with a “strict open-door policy that gives the entire school a community feel.” There could be more “diversity among professors” though, and the administration “[sells] more parking passes than there are parking spots.” On the downside, “The Office of Career Planning is widely regarded as an unhelpful place.” Professors use “the Socratic method, and classes have always been an environment of tolerance.” “If you want to stay anywhere near sane during law school, this is the place to go,” a 1L concludes.

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Prominent Alumni

Bob Goodlatte
Congressman and Chair of the House Judiciary Committee

Robert Grey
ABA President

Lewis Powell
U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Chris Wolf
Cyber Security/ Privacy Expert

Lizanne Thomas
Managing Partner, Jones Day


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Washington and Lee’s School of Law has something of a party reputation, and “law school sports and cocktail parties are frequent.” The school itself actually “fund[s] weekend parties throughout the month of February that we host at our homes (but don't pay for alcohol or cleanup the next day.)” Because of the school’s small size, “the students all get to know each other very well, and the professors/administrators also get to know each of us on an individual basis.” The student body is not very diverse, but “the administration is consciously making an effort to bring in students from all backgrounds.” The city of Lexington is “a very slow moving place with not a lot to do other than study,” although “it's close enough to Roanoke and Richmond” if students desire something only a “real city” can provide. “The Indian food in Roanoke (less than an hour away) is great,” one student reports. The area is “very rural,” but some students like the “natural” surroundings which allow for “tubing down the Maury River, hiking House Mountain,” and many other outdoor activities.

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Lisa Rodocker
Assistant Dean of Law Admissions

Sydney Lewis Hall
Lexington, VA 24450