When you’re a pre-med, every second of your time is valuable. Make this summer count by achieving your MCAT score goals. Our MCAT Summer Immersion programs are perfect for maximizing your score in an on-campus, focused prep experience. Not sure if an MCAT boot camp is right for you? Here's why intensive summer prep is a smart choice.

1. Maintain a healthy work/life balance

MCAT Summer Immersion

Prepping for the MCAT during the summer means you can focus on grades, extracurriculars, and research during the school year. Use your break from school to ramp up your study schedule (and boost your score) with an MCAT summer intensive program.

2. Get peace of mind

With 370 hours of instruction, MCAT Summer Immersion is our most rigorous MCAT prep program. Dive into summer knowing that you WILL maximize your score, or take it again for free if you're not satisfied .

3. Keep your options open

Our six-week program will get you ready for MCAT test dates in August and September. You can apply to medical school in the current admissions cycle or save your score and apply next year.

4. Prep for the future

Don’t have a summer or fall MCAT date? Our program will help you build the strong foundation you need to take the MCAT at a later time.

5. Say goodbye to bad habits

A new environment can help you achieve a new level of focus. Instead of building (and breaking) your own study schedule, follow a proven MCAT schedule that covers content review, practice tests, and strategy. There's even built-in study time to practice or get one-on-one feedback on the test-taking tips you're learning in class. 

6. Boost memorization

Cognitive science studies show that a change in study location can greatly improve retention and recall. Try switching up your daily routine in our locations in Orlando, San Diego, or Austin—perfect for committing key topics to memory!

7. Get motivated

You’ll be surrounded by high-achieving MCAT students who are just as dedicated to maximizing their score as you are. Together you’ll live and breath MCAT for the summer, holding each other accountable and celebrating each other’s successes.

8. Learn from the very best

Instead of learning from one MCAT instructor who does it all, you’ll learn from a team of specialists  in each of six MCAT subjects. Prep for Orgo questions with an Organic Chemistry expert and for CARS passages with a CARS expert.

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