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You’re serious about your MCAT prep—and so are we. That’s why we’ve created this free opportunity for you to experience the extensive online materials that complement our in-person and live online classes. During this free 30-day trial, you’ll get acquainted with the syllabus for our Ultimate course and also get to know the materials that power our Winter Bootcamp, Summer Immersion, Strategy, and Self-Paced courses.

This free trial unlocks the content associated with our Biochemistry Class 1 and includes:

  • Biology Diagnostic Exam 1A, designed to help you target your areas of weakness for upcoming bio classes
  • Samples of our on-demand MedFlix videos, which cover all the topics you need to know in clear, accessible terms
  • 3 online passage-based drills using the same interface as the real test
  • A full-length practice exam, so you’ll get a taste of what test day may be like
  • A detailed, interactive score report with in-depth explanations for every item on the practice exam, so you’ll understand where you need to improve

Trial begins immediately after enrollment and lasts for 30 days.