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A quick 90-minute drive north of Atlanta and nestled in the rolling mountains of northwest Georgia, Berry offers you an education nationally recognized for its quality and value. U.S. News & World Report has previously ranked Berry as the nation’s #1 “Up-and-Coming” liberal arts college, as well as the #3 best value school in the South.

Berry has delivered much more than exceptional rankings since our founding in 1902. Berry seeks to educate the entire you: through an education of your mind, the practical experience of hands-on work and fostering of your commitment to service. Berry prepares you to embrace the world. Students who strive to improve the places where they work and live, every day, will find a welcoming home here.


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We want you to be prepared to succeed in any program you choose at Berry from day one. Show us you’re ready by taking challenging courses when you can (AP, IB, Dual-Enrollment, etc.). You can best prepare for opportunities at Berry by taking:

  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of science-including biology, chemistry and physics
  • Mathematics through precalculus
  • 3 years of social studies
  • 2 years of a foreign language

You are more than a number here. We will ask you for additional information like an SAT or an ACT, and want to know more about you through 1-1 conversations and essays. If you have questions about the admissions process we’re here to help.

For more information about admissions recommendations, visit or call us at 1-800-BERRY-GA today.


Acceptance Rate
Average HS GPA

GPA Breakdown

Over 3.75
3.50 - 3.74
3.25 - 3.49
3.00 - 3.24
2.50 - 2.99
2.00 - 2.49

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SAT Reading
25th-75th percentile
(enrolled students)
530 - 630
SAT Math
25th-75th percentile
(enrolled students)
530 - 610
SAT Writing
25th-75th percentile
(enrolled students)
510 - 610

ACT Composite
25th-75th percentile (enrolled students)
24 - 29

Testing Policies

ACT Writing Policy
ACT with or without Writing accepted

SAT Essay Policy
SAT with or without Writing accepted


Early Decision — November 1

Early Action — November 1

Regular — July 21

Other Admission Factors


Rigor of Secondary School Record
Academic GPA
Standardized Test Scores

Selectivity Rating

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Academic Programs

Every day, we are exposed to differences–differences of style, opinions, language, upbringing and more, and expected to engage with the ever-changing world around us. Increasingly, graduates are expected to work with others on complex problems or issues that require the integration of knowledge, skills and ideas from multiple disciplines. Our Foundations Curriculum will allow you to explore your interests and to expand your thinking by asking you to step outside of your comfort zone. Grounded in the tradition of a liberal arts education and designed for the professional environment of the 21st century, our curriculum will provide you with knowledge, effective communication skills, problem-solving skills and rich cultural experiences.

Choose from over 55 majors and 35 minors and work with students, faculty and staff, forming teams that encourage many voices. Through asking yourself and those around you the challenging questions our society faces, you will learn to adapt and to approach problems from a different point of view. Berry students are proud to think with their hearts and to work with their hands.

Berry offers you an academic opportunity to learn without barriers while pursuing your passions. Berry’s academic programs translate to successful career preparation for life after college. Take full advantage of the student work program, and put yourself above other job candidates with your hands-on experience. This is where you realize the payoff to your Berry education. The Work Experience Program, recognized as one of the premier opportunities in the nation, provides meaningful on-campus work experience, fosters entrepreneurship, reduces the costs of your education and prepares you for a fulfilling career.

Faculty and Class Information

Total Faculty
with Terminal Degree


Most frequent class size
10 - 19
Most frequent lab / sub section size
10 - 19

Graduation Rates

Graduate in 4 years
Graduate in 5 years
Graduate in 6 years


  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology/Biological Sciences, General
  • Zoology/Animal Biology

  • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration and Management, General
  • Business/Managerial Economics
  • Finance, General
  • International Business/Trade/Commerce
  • Marketing/Marketing Management, General

  • Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs

  • Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other

  • Education

  • Art Teacher Education
  • Early Childhood Education and Teaching
  • Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching
  • Mathematics Teacher Education
  • Music Teacher Education
  • Secondary Education and Teaching

  • Engineering Technologies/Technicians

  • Engineering Technology, General

  • English Language and Literature/Letters

  • Creative Writing
  • English Language and Literature, General

  • Foreign languages, literatures, and Linguistics

  • French Language and Literature
  • German Language and Literature
  • Spanish Language and Literature

  • Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences

  • Pre-Nursing Studies
  • Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse

  • History

  • History, General

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Mathematics, General
  • Mathematics, Other

  • Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, General
  • Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other

  • Natural Resources and Conservation

  • Environmental Science

  • Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies

  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science
  • Sport and Fitness Administration/Management

  • Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • Philosophy and Religious Studies, General
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies, Other

  • Physical Sciences

  • Chemistry, General
  • Physics, General
  • Physics, Other

  • Psychology

  • Psychology, General

  • Social Sciences

  • International Relations and Affairs
  • Political Science and Government, General
  • Social Sciences, General

  • Visual and Performing Arts

  • Art/Art Studies, General
  • Music Management
  • Music Performance, General
  • Music, General
  • Theatre/Theatre Arts Management

Students Say

A rigorous liberal arts school in northwest Georgia, Berry College offers undergraduates a "community" in which they can easily flourish. Student say Berry is well known for its Student Work Program, which provides valuable work experience and "enables students to earn money to contribute to [their] tuition or [for] personal spending." No matter what they do with their earnings, the program certainly provides valuable work experience. When it comes to academics, classroom standards are "high" though "not impossible" to meet. Of course, the college has many "renowned programs" including "business, animal science and nursing." Undergraduates also happily share that most professors at Berry "are invested in their students and care about their success." They are also "highly knowledgeable about their subjects and are able to convey that knowledge to their students." Even better, professors strive "to present the material in an engaging way and look to find new ways to help students do their best." And when undergrads do find themselves struggling, they can easily turn to the "incredible" Academic Success Center which "offers several different forms of tutoring." All in all, students find Berry to be a "community that is committed to developing the minds, hearts, and hands of students through impeccable faculty with a passion for learning…[and] incredible…programs [that provide] students [with] hands on experience in almost any area of study."



Career Services

On-Campus Job Interviews Available

Career Services

Alumni Network
Alumni Services
Interest Inventory
Regional Alumni
Opportunities at School


Notable Faculty

Prominent Alumni

Mr. J. Barry Griswell
retired CEO and Chair of Principal Financial Group

Mr. Steven J. Cage
Chairman, Stratosphere Quality LLC

Mr. Collin Alexander McHugh
American professional baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros

Mrs. Karen Holley Horrell
former divisional president for the Great American Insurance Co.

Mr. Richard Gilbert
Chief Operating Officer, Atlanticus Holding Corporation

Rear Admiral Vincent L. Griffith
Director, Logistics Operations (J-3), Defense Logistics Agency, U.S. Navy

Mr. Eugene H. Anderson
Former Senior VP of Highwoods Properties

Academic Rating

Graduation Rates

Graduate in 4 years
Graduate in 5 years
Graduate in 6 years

Career Services

On-Campus Job Interviews Available

Career Services

Alumni Network
Alumni Services
Interest Inventory
Regional Alumni
Opportunities at School


ROI & Outcomes


From The School

Tuition, Room, Board and Fees

At Berry, we work with you to make sure you are aware of all of the scholarship opportunities available and we award more than $32.5 million in institutional aid each year. That translates into 98% of our undergraduate students receiving financial aid.

Financial Aid

Our application is available on August 1. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available on October 1. Send your application and your FAFSA to us early so that we can partner with you in making a sound financial plan for your college education. The financial aid process can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply contact us or schedule a campus visit, and we’ll talk through your options with you. More information can be found at


Application Deadlines
Notification Date
Nov 1

Required Forms

Forms CSSProfile
State Aid

Financial Aid Statistics

Average Freshman Total Need-Based Gift Aid

Average Undergraduate Total Need-Based Gift Aid

Average Need-Based Loan

Undergraduates who have borrowed through any loan program

Average amount of loan debt per graduate

Average amount of each freshman scholarship/grant package

Financial aid provided to international students

Expenses per Academic Year

Required Fees
Average Cost for Books and Supplies

Tuition / Fees Vary by Year of Study
Board for Commuters
Transportation for Commuters

On-Campus Room and Board
Comprehensive Fee

Available Aid

Financial Aid Methodology

Scholarships and Grants


Need-Based College/University Scholarship or Grant Aid from Institutional Funds
Need-Based Federal Pell
Need-Based Private Scholarships
Need-Based SEOG

Institutional non-need-based scholarship or grant aid is available

Federal Direct Student Loan Programs
Direct PLUS Loans
Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans
Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans

Federal Family Education Loan Programs (FFEL)
College/university loans from institutional funds
Federal Perkins Loans
State Loans

Is Institutional Employment Available (other than Federal Work Study)

Direct Lender

Financial Aid Rating


From The School

When you enroll at Berry, you join a community more than 100 years in the making. Each year we celebrate our own version of homecoming known as Mountain Day, and your participation joins you to decades of Berry students. Don’t miss the campus-wide talent show, Mountain Day Olympics with your residence hall, the Grand March and fall carnival (lovingly known as “Marthapalooza” on campus in honor of our founder, Martha Berry.)

Find your friends in the Berry community close at hand, where on-campus living for all four years is an expectation. Choose from traditional residential halls or join a Living Learning Community in your first year, and then select from a variety of suite-style and apartment-style housing in future years. Be a part of this community through the shared experiences of living, learning, working and exploring together.

Pursue your athletic passions as a Berry Viking in the Southern Athletic Association of NCAA Division III. Foster your competitive side in our stadium, Valhalla, and take advantage of The Rome Tennis Center at Berry College, the nation’s largest hard court tennis facility. Compete as a member of one of our 21 intercollegiate sports including football, lacrosse, outdoor track, basketball, soccer, tennis, cross country, swimming & diving, golf, baseball, volleyball, softball and equestrian.

A wide array of student organizations, clubs, programs and activities offer you a constant social schedule. Whether you’re interested in Ultimate Frisbee or rowing, honing your media experience with the student newspaper or literary magazine, celebrating and advancing multicultural awareness or serving the Berry community, you’ll find it difficult to fit everything in.

Perhaps the real beauty of Berry resides in the fact that you can have the best of both worlds: a sprawling campus that’s a quick drive from bustling city life in Atlanta, Birmingham and Chattanooga. Of course, downtown Rome is right around the corner from campus. Spend an evening at one of the city’s numerous restaurants before catching a movie or a Rome Braves baseball game, and discover this hidden gem of a college town in the scenic mountains that define northwest Georgia.

Student Body Profile

Total Undergraduate Enrollment
Foreign Countries Represented



60% female
40% male
33% are out of state
99% are full time
1% are part time

Students Say

All it takes is a few minutes with some Berry students to discover that they're "some of the nicest [individuals]" you'll ever meet. As one senior immediately boasts, "In all my four years of Berry I have yet to meet a single student who wasn't kind, compassionate, and eager to learn and make a difference." Additionally, most are "academically driven." Indeed, Berry undergrads are often "serious about their school work and tend to aim high in their goals." Students here also report that their peers are "slightly preppy" and that "longboards, Enos, Chacos, frisbees, L. L. Bean duck boots, and Patagonia sweaters are everywhere." Plus, "the majority of students are from Georgia and the surrounding states." However, fear not! You'll still find "people from various backgrounds, creeds, and religions." Perhaps most importantly, Berry undergrads describe their peers as "very trustworthy" and make a point of mentioning that they "value integrity." As this impressed student concludes, "While we do not have an official Berry honor code, we don't really find that our community needs one. Students can leave their computer or laptop or purse lying around the library or dining hall and it will be untouched thirty minutes later. It really is a special community."


From The School


It’s impossible to replicate this experience elsewhere. Berry College offers you the world’s largest campus conveniently located between Atlanta and Chattanooga… and though we prefer to not be so boastful, it is a pretty cool fact that our campus is so large we have our own zip code! It’s a challenge to describe 27,000 acres of inspiration: you need to be here to grasp the distinctive residential college that is Berry.

This is a place of inspiration, often recognized as one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. In fact, there’s a certain feeling students get the exact moment they realized they belong here. Often, it’s the first time they set foot on campus, a feeling described simply as “awe.” Not merely a place to study for four years, our campus distinctively offers you more than 40 miles of biking trails, 15 miles for horseback riding, and another 40 miles of hiking and running trails... all here at home on your campus!

Campus Life

Undergrads living on campus
Help finding off-campus housing

First-Year Students living on campus

Campus Environment

Housing Options

Apartment Single
Dorms Coed
Dorms Female
Dorms Male
Wellness Housing

Students Say

Undergrads at Berry are hardworking. Indeed, "nearly everyone works on campus" so students say the majority of their time "is spent either in class or at our jobs." Nevertheless, this diligent bunch still manages to kick back and relax every now and again. For starters, many Berry undergrads are active and athletic. Therefore, a lot of people love to take advantage of the college's "rock wall and rock wall room, zip lining, indoor and outdoor pool, basketball courts, volleyball courts [and] hiking [trails]." "Intramural sports are very popular," as well. And students also "do a lot of outdoorsy things like camping and fishing deeper into campus and off campus." Fortunately, there are plenty of arts and culture options as well. For example, "the music department hosts a professional musician every Thursday." And a student organization called KCAB "plans multiple events every week [including activities like] pajama movie night, African storytelling, [a] welcome back dance, prayer breakfast [and] MLK Service Day." Finally, hometown Rome also offers a nice respite from academic stress. While it's "definitely a small town…it's [also] peaceful [and] fulfilling" with "a local theatre, a nice park, used bookstores [and] a nice selection of restaurants."

Special Needs Admissions

Program / Service Name
Academic Success Center

Type of Program
For all students with disabilities

Wilma Maynard

College Entrance Tests Required

Interview Required

Documentation Required for LD

Educational Psychological Evaluation that includes a diagnosis, listed accommodation suggestions, and/or documentation from a physician or psychologist.

Documentation Required for ADHD

Educational Psychological Evaluation that includes a diagnosis, listed accommodation suggestions, and/or documentation from a physician or psychologist.

Special Need Services Offered

Calculator allowed in exams

Dictionary allowed in exams

Computer allowed in exams

Spellchecker allowed in exams

Extended test time



Oral exams


Distraction-free environment

Accommodation for students with ADHD

Reading machine

Other assistive technology

Student Activities

Registered Student Organizations
Number of Honor Societies

Number of Social Sororities
Number of Religious Organizations


Athletic Division
Division III

37% participate in intramural sports
23% participate in intercollegiate sports

Men's Sports (Vikings)
12 Sports

Cross Country
Track Field Indoor
Track Field Outdoor
Women's Sports (Vikings)
13 Sports

Cross Country
Equestrian Sports
Track Field Indoor
Track Field Outdoor

Student Services

LGBT Support Groups: Listen

Minority Support Groups: International Club, Black Student Association, Orgullo, Hispanic Scholarship Fund


Stretching across more than 27,000 gorgeous acres, Berry College holds the record for the largest college campus in the world. Home to acre upon acre of wetlands, pastures, streams, and forests, and Georgia’s Lavender Mountain serving as backdrop, it is a virtual no brainer that this campus is a green leader. Berry’s Office of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability ensures compliance with EPA regulations to protect the campus’ Carbon Reserve, wetland banking, wetland management, and other natural resources. Campus grounds are maintained organically where possible, and active ongoing research and use in biodiesel fuels, Longleaf Yellow Pine, the American Chestnut, Agroforestry, CSA natural vegetable, and recycling give students on campus ample experiential learning opportunities. The college continues its commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by over 10 percent by the year 2020. In addition to S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violating the Earth) and Berry’s Student Government Association, the college has an eight-member Green Team responsible for educating students and planning programs to lead the college in Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. The campus has hosted special events to highlight environmental careers, and administrators have recently established an environmental science major. Berry has a comprehensive recycling program (successfully diverting more than one-third of its waste from landfills) that includes electronics. Dining services has eliminated the use of polystyrene to-go boxes and switched to tray-less dining. In addition, all yard waste is composted or converted to biomass fuel. In 2011, Berry’s Morgan and Deerfield residence halls both achieved LEED Gold. That same year, the Residence Life staff partnered with students to implement a small-scale pilot program called the Berry Environmental Living and Learning (BELL) house, an opportunity for a living project that could be beneficial from a big picture environmental perspective, emphasizing action on or near campus. The college has committed to seeking LEED certification whenever possible in all construction projects.


Campus Security Report

Campus Security Report

The Jeanne Clery Act requires colleges and universities to disclose their security policies, keep a public crime log, publish an annual crime report and provide timely warnings to students and campus employees about a crime posing an immediate or ongoing threat to students and campus employees.

Please visit The Princeton Review’s page on campus safety for additional resources:

The Princeton Review publishes links directly to each school's Campus Security Reports where available. Applicants can also access all school-specific campus safety information using the Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool provided by the Office of Postsecondary Education of the U.S. Department of Education:

Other Information

Campus-wide Internet Network

Email and Web Access Available

% of Classrooms with Wireless Internet

Number of Computer Labs / Classrooms

Average Number of PC's per Lab

Network Access in Dorm Rooms

Network Access in Dorm Lounges

Fee for Network Use

Student Web Pages Permitted

Student Web Pages Provided

Partnerships with Technology Companies

Online Class Registration Available

Personal computer included in tuition for each student

Require Undergraduates to Own Computers

Undergraduates that Own Computers

Discounts Available with Hardware Vendors

Webcasting, Digital Audio or Video-Streaming of Courses

Webcasting, Digital Audio or Video-Streaming of Campus Radio / TV Stations

Campus Visits Contact

Berry College Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 490159
Mount Berry, GA 30149-0159



Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
Steven J. Cage Athletic & Recreation Ctr
Ford Complex
McAllister Hall (Science Center)
Gunby Equestrian Center (Mountain Campus)
The Old Mill (Mountain Campus)
The 131,000 square foot Steven J. Cage Athletic and Recreation Center houses an indoor swimming pool, three basketball courts, two racquetball courts, one multi-purpose court and a jogging track. Berry Beanery (Starbucks) in Krannert Student Center.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Downtown Rome, GA
Rome Braves Baseball Stadium
Chieftains Museum and Major Ridge Home
Bike Trails and River Walk
Rome Tennis Center at Berry College

Campus Tours

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: Varies
Average Length: 1 hour

On Campus Interview

Campus Interviews

Information Sessions

Saturdays-- Sept. thru April

Faculty and Coach Visits

Dates/Times Available
Academic Year

Contact Coach Directly

Advance Notice
3 weeks

Contact Email Address for Visit

Class Visits

Dates/Times Available
Academic Year

Contact Admissions Office

Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays

Contact Admissions Office

H. S. seniors only. Select weeknights only.


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Air transportation from Atlanta, GA Airport or Chattanooga, TN Airport. Bus Transportation available from Atlanta.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From Atlanta: Approx. 1 hr., 20 min. 72 mi. Take I-75 N to Rome-Canton Exit 290. Take left off exit, drive 2.5 mi., then road ends at a light. Turn left, then take an immediate right onto Highway 41 North. Drive 2.8 mi., then turn right onto Highway 411 exit. Drive 17.3 mi., then turn right at light onto East Rome Bypass (Rome Loop 1). Drive 8.4 mi., then take right at light (see The Martha Berry Museum) onto Martha Berry Highway (U.S. Highway 27 North) Drive 0.7 mi., then turn left into Berry College main entrance. From Birmingham, Alabama: Approx. 2 hrs., 15 min. 128 mi.Take I-59 North to I-759 at Gadsden Take I-759 to 411 N Take 411 North from Gadsden to Centre At Centre, take Alabama 9 to Georgia At the Georgia state line Alabama 9 will turn into Georgia State 20 Take Georgia State 20 to Rome At Floyd Medical Center in Rome, turn left onto Highway 27 (Martha Berry Highway) Drive on U.S. Highway 27 until you reach the main entrance to Berry College (on left). From Chattanooga, Tennessee: Approx. 1 hr., 30 min. 75 mi. Take I-75 South to Exit 312, Highway 53 Take Highway 53 West through Calhoun to Rome (approximately 25 mi.) Turn right onto Rome Loop 1 at the light (see Calvary Baptist Church) Turn right at the 3rd light (see The Martha Berry Museum) onto Martha Berry Hwy (U.S. Highway 27 North) Drive 0.7 mi., then turn left into Berry College main entrance

Local Accommodations
Rome, GA offers accommodations in a variety of price ranges.

Articles & Advice