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The American University of Antigua College of Medicine is the first and only hospital-integrated US-modeled medical program in the Caribbean where clinical experience starts in the first semester. AUA College of Medicine graduated physicians will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be able to tackle the complex challenges faced by healthcare, both globally and in the United States.

Our curriculum ensures that students receive an education equal to those offered by the finest medical schools in the United States. AUA prepares its students to achieve passing scores on the U.S. Medical Licensing Examinations and provides clinical clerkship opportunities in some of the best teaching hospitals in the United States. We have a growing network of 20 affiliated, teaching hospitals where students complete their clinical training. These hospitals are located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.


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American University of Antigua College of Medicine's affiliation with Manipal University in India, offers accepted students the unique option of taking their basic science courses at AUA College of Medicine in Antigua or at the Kasturba Medical College International Center (KMCIC) at Manipal University. On March 30, 2009, the Times of India ranked Manipal University as the number one private medical university out of 150 private schools, and number two out of all the 256 medical universities in India. KMCIC offers qualified students the only US-modeled medical program in India. Upon completion of the Basic Science requirements (from either campus), students will complete their Clinical Sciences at United States teaching hospitals
AUA offers two distinct programs for students interested in attaining a medical degree. The four-year MD degree program is designed for students who have either have an undergraduate degree or have completed at least 90 college credits and all prerequisite courses. The six-year AS/MD degree program is designed for students who are starting their medical career directly from high school and non-traditional students who do not have or are missing prerequisite courses for the four-year MD program.
The faculty at AUA is comprises outstanding, experienced educators, all of whom have M.D. or Ph.D. degrees in their respective fields. Many faculty members are board certified and have been honored for their teaching abilities and clinical expertise. The primary mission of our faculty is to educate our students and help them succeed in the demanding environment of a medical school and subsequently in the medical community. Our high teacher-to-student ratio allows our faculty to be available for one-on-one mentoring. Many of our faculty members are accomplished researchers and notable scientists in their field; they publish articles, textbooks, and present their findings at U.S. and international medical conferences.

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Tuition as of May 2009

MD Degree program: Basic Sciences 4 Semesters:
$10,632.00 U.S./semester

THINC Medicine-01 (Miami, Staten Island, Pontiac, Atlanta, Baltimore) 1 Semester:
$12,094.00 U.S./semester

Clinical Sciences 5 Semesters:
$12,094.00 U.S./semester

6-Year AS/MD Degree program: Pre-Med 4 Semesters:

$6,579.00 U.S./semester

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To exhibit our commitment to providing the most modern medical studying environment and small class sizes for optimum learning enhancement, we are nearing the completion of our new $60 million, 17-acre campus, (2009). We will maintain our 120 maximum seat structure. In January 2008, the University completed construction on its first four buildings, comprising of a total of 16,000 square feet of classrooms, labs and faculty offices.

Antigua is an ideal location for the study of medicine: serene, secure, and sustaining. AUA provides students with the most modern comforts and familiar lifestyle of any medical school in the Caribbean, in a stable and safe environment.

Located 250 miles southeast of Puerto Rico, Antigua is an independent nation that was formerly a member of the British Commonwealth. English is the native language. Antigua is easily accessible by daily flights from many U.S. cities, some nonstop. AUA is located in St. John's, Antigua's capital and largest city.

Student housing is beautiful and affordable, and includes every amenity, such as air conditioning, balconies overlooking the sea, and modern baths. Supermarkets are stocked with familiar items and brands. The island is well served by public transportation.
Once construction is completed, the new campus will house over 75,000 square feet of classrooms and a three-story library, which will also include a learning center, study rooms, student government, and administrative and faculty offices. The library will contain over 5,000 pieces of biomedical information, reading materials, audio-visual aids, computerized instructional materials and advanced technological resources, and Internet access. In addition to the academic buildings, there will be a 400-seat amphitheater for guest speakers, seminars, ceremonies and live entertainment.

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