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Career: Army-Officer

A Day in the life of a Army-Officer

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An officer in the United States Army has an opportunity to serve his or her country in a selfless, meaningful way. Officers are entrusted never to give orders that they are not willing to carry out themselves. Those who enroll at a military academy as a track toward the rank of officer have their character tested with intense military training, physical fitness training, military classes, as well as a standard college curriculum. It is a heavy load that some find overwhelming. An officer can be stationed in any of the 65 international army military bases or at home in the states, run the gamut in ranks from Second Lieutenant all the way up to General.

Paying Your Dues

There are three ways to become an Army Officer: Army ROTC, Officer Candidate School, and graduation from the US Military Academy at West Point. All of them require a college degree.

Army ROTC is offered at 270 college and university campuses and at 1,600 partnership schools around the country. One of the best benefits of this route is that you can train to be an Army officer while enjoying a normal college life. ROTC courses are taken as electives, thereby making it possible for ROTC cadets to major in the discipline of their choice. Competitive merit-based scholarships are also available for students that qualify. Officer Candidate School is for the soldier already in the Army. It is the route that enlisted personnel already in the Army go to become an Army officer. Students just out of high school may also apply for entry to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Associated Careers

Officers in the Army are members of the Department of Defense. They might work closely with members of the espionage community, other branches of the armed forces like the Navy or Air Force, civilian engineers, doctors, or politicians. Officers also work with fellow officers and enlistees under their command every day.

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