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Career: Navy-Enlisted

A Day in the life of a Navy-Enlisted

Of all the branches of the armed forces, the Navy seems to be the one most flavored with the scent of adventure. Who wouldn't want to travel around the world on an enormous (or not so enormous) ship and see exotic locales such as Hawaii, Australia or Japan? Of course, if you're stationed on a patrolling nuclear submarine it's tough to go sightseeing. An enlistee in the Navy can be vastly entertained or vastly restless and bored. Once one enlists in the Navy, they decide where to send you, and you have almost no voice in the matter. So if you hate to travel, or are afraid of water and are hoping to be stationed in Iowa, this may not be the branch of the armed forces for you.

Paying Your Dues

To become one of the 373,612 members of Navy personnel on active duty, you must be a high school graduate, a US citizen or resident alien; and take the ASVAB (Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery), a test designed to determine your skills and placement. The Navy has three different sets of training: Primary (fitness, similar to boot camp or Basic), Intermediate (necessary skills aboard a ship), and Advanced (more in depth than Intermediate).

Associated Careers

Naval enlistees spend time with pilots, electricians, engineers, Naval  Officers, doctors, administrators. Joining the armed forces is like joining  an enormous corporation, and all sections work in cooperation with the  others. The Navy supplies airplanes for the Marines, and the Navy carries the Army troop transports when necessary.

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