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  • Most colleges require students to submit an essay or personal statement as part of the application process. It may sound like a chore, but it's actually a unique opportunity to be an individual and distinguish yourself from other applicants with comparable scores and grades.

    After completing our College Essay Writing Workshop, you'll walk away with two (that's right, two!) complete college essays—your Common Application essay and a second supplemental essay.

    The Princeton Review College Essay Writing Workshop instructors have been carefully selected from our pool of SAT and ACT instructors because they've shown the unique skills needed to guide (not lecture) students through the creative writing process. Certified through our Admissions Trainings, your instructor knows what colleges want to see and will work to cultivate a writing community where you'll feel free to explore and develop essay topics that are focused and meaningful to you.

    No boring lectures here. This is a highly interactive and participatory course, so come prepared to read, share your thoughts and play nicely with others.

    The workshop features:

    • 12 hours of in-class instruction and writing
    • Max of 8 students per class
    • Expert instructors who know what admissions officers look for
    • A collaborative structure—you’ll work with your peers and one-on-one with your instructor to revise and craft your essay
    • A completed Common App essay and a second supplemental essay by the end of the course
    • A copy of The Princeton Review‘s College Essays That Made a Difference
    • A copy of Grammar Smart

    Ready to cross college essays off your to-do list?

    College Essay Writing Workshops are available at select locations across the United States.