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    1. Boston University

    Boston, MA
    • $45,686 Tuition
    • 1300 Avg SAT
    • 18,017 Enrolled

    From the School: Is Boston University the right place for you? At BU, you'll be taught by Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel Laureates, Fulbright Scholars, or a MacArthur Fellow. With an average class size of 27 students and a faculty-to-student ...

    2. Tulane University

    New Orleans, LA
    • $44,426 Tuition
    • 1320 Avg SAT
    • 8,353 Enrolled

    From the School: Founded in 1834 in New Orleans, Tulane is one of the most respected universities in the country, known worldwide for its teaching and research. It is consistently ranked among the top 50 universities in the nation and is one ...

    DePaul University


    3. DePaul University

    Chicago, IL
    • $34,390 Tuition
    • 1150 Avg SAT
    • 16,153 Enrolled

    DePaul University’s urban setting means this Chicago school is “all about integrating the opportunities of the city into the classroom,” offering students “the essentials in order for a student to succeed in the business field.” Here, the ...

    4. New York University

    New York, NY
    • $43,746 Tuition
    • 1340 Avg SAT
    • 24,985 Enrolled

    From the School: NYU is the largest independent research university in the United States, yet it also retains a close-knit community that combines the intellectual atmosphere of a smallto medium-sized college with the myriad cultural ...

    5. George Washington University

    Washington, DC
    • $46,645 Tuition
    • 1300 Avg SAT
    • 10,406 Enrolled

    Get ready for “hands-on learning in an environment unlike any other” at George Washington University, where a location “four blocks away from the White House, down the street from the State Department, and near nearly all world headquarters” means ...

    6. Southern Methodist University

    Dallas, TX
    • $42,770 Tuition
    • 1310 Avg SAT
    • 6,391 Enrolled

    Located on a tree-lined, “beautiful campus” in the heart of Dallas, Southern Methodist University is a mid-size private university with a lot going on. The school has a “unique culture” that relies on “top academics” and a “longstanding history of ...

    7. City University of New York--Hunter College

    New York, NY
    • $13,440 Tuition
    • 1160 Avg SAT
    • 16,879 Enrolled

    From the School: Hunter College is a liberal arts college serving over 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students of all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Wide offerings in the liberal arts and sciences and three professional ...

    8. Columbia University

    New York, NY
    • $46,846 Tuition
    • 1480 Avg SAT
    • 6,170 Enrolled

    At Columbia, you are in a “fantastic city” where “everyone loves learning.” “Columbia should be considered by students who are willing to develop a breadth of knowledge before specializing, as it actively encourages intellectualism and academic ...

    9. College of Charleston

    Charleston, SC
    • 1130 Avg SAT
    • 10,440 Enrolled

    Situated on a “beautiful, historic campus” in one of the South’s most charming cities, it’s no wonder that College of Charleston has such satisfied undergraduates. Indeed, students report that a “welcoming” vibe permeates the school and it’s truly ...

    10. Northeastern University

    Boston, MA
    • $42,534 Tuition
    • 1420 Avg SAT
    • 17,400 Enrolled

    From the School: There's a certain energy about Northeastern University. It comes from the bright, ambitious students, exhibiting a strong sense of purpose in the classroom and while working or studying abroad. In the city of Boston-the ...

    11. University of San Diego

    San Diego, CA
    • $42,330 Tuition
    • 1220 Avg SAT
    • 5,741 Enrolled

    This “academically challenging, Roman Catholic” institution couples “amazing academics” and “wonderful teachers and programs” with “great weather and a beautiful campus.” As one liberal studies major notes, “I just felt an overwhelming sense of ...

    12. Suffolk University

    Boston, MA
    • 1010 Avg SAT
    • 5,496 Enrolled

    From the School: Suffolk University is a comprehensive private university located on Boston's historic Beacon Hill. This global university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 70 areas of study. Distinguished by ...

    13. Georgetown University

    Washington, DC
    • 1420 Avg SAT
    • 7,595 Enrolled

    This moderately sized elite academic establishment stays true to its Jesuit foundations by educating its students with the idea of “cura personalis,” or “care for the whole person.” The “well-informed” student body perpetuates upon itself, creating ...

    14. Stevens Institute of Technology

    Hoboken, NJ
    • $42,920 Tuition
    • 1260 Avg SAT
    • 2,369 Enrolled

    From the School: Stevens, located in Hoboken, NJ on the Hudson River overlooking the Manhattan skyline, is a high-energy, highly engaged campus community. Our location feeds the lifestyle of Stevens' tech-oriented students: they are driven to ...

    15. University of Kansas

    Lawrence, KS
    • $22,947 Tuition
    • 19,343 Enrolled

    Located in the heartland’s quintessential college town, University of Kansas’s flagship campus is a “place of tradition” as well as opportunity, combining “stimulating academics with a community that is passionate about the school.” Most of KU’s ...

    16. University of San Francisco

    San Francisco, CA
    • $40,966 Tuition
    • 1140 Avg SAT
    • 6,392 Enrolled

    From the School: When the Jesuits founded the University of San Francisco in 1855, it was a one-room schoolhouse. Now, it is one of the West Coast's largest Catholic universities. Some things haven't changed: class size is still small, and ...

    17. Barnard College

    New York, NY
    • $44,300 Tuition
    • 1340 Avg SAT
    • 2,577 Enrolled

    From the School: Founded in 1889, Barnard College was among the first colleges to offer young women the chance to earn a college degree. Today, Barnard College remains committed to the education of more than 2,400 undergraduate women from ...

    18. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

    New York, NY
    • $39,600 Tuition
    • 1380 Avg SAT
    • 876 Enrolled

    Gifted students clamor for a spot at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. The universal “full-tuition scholarships” have been one of the school’s major selling points. However, the rigorous and “very reputable” academic programs ...

    19. Champlain College

    Burlington, VT
    • $31,250 Tuition
    • 1100 Avg SAT
    • 2,067 Enrolled

    Both Champlain students and the studies they pursue are “professional” and “career minded,” and name Champlain’s “high job placement rate” as a primary reason for choosing the college. “Networking and the emphasis on internships at Champlain leads ...

    20. Illinois Institute of Technology

    Chicago, IL
    • $39,691 Tuition
    • 1270 Avg SAT
    • 3,099 Enrolled

    Those looking for an easy academic experience will want to look elsewhere, as the Illinois Institute of Technology will “challenge you beyond what you think are your limits, and settle only for excellence.” Students in this Chicago-based school feel ...

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