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    1. New York University

    New York, NY
    • $43,746 Tuition
    • 24,985 Enrolled
    • 660 Avg SAT Reading
    • 680 Avg SAT Math
    • 670 Avg SAT Writing
    From the School: NYU is the largest independent research university in the United States, yet it also retains a close-knit community that combines the intellectual atmosphere of a smallto medium-sized college with the myriad cultural ...

    2. University of Delaware

    Newark, DE
    • $30,130 Tuition
    • 17,412 Enrolled
    • 590 Avg SAT Reading
    • 610 Avg SAT Math
    • 600 Avg SAT Writing
    From the School: At the center of the East Coast is a classic college campus rich in history and academic offerings. Both public and private, the University of Delaware is a unique institution with students from all 50 states and 100+ ...

    3. Spelman College

    Atlanta, GA
    • $22,827 Tuition
    • 2,135 Enrolled
    • 510 Avg SAT Reading
    • 490 Avg SAT Math
    A historically black women’s institution, Spelman College has built a strong reputation for “molding intelligent, goal-oriented young ladies into determined, successful, free-thinking women.” Many prospective students are attracted to the school’s ...

    4. State University of New York at Binghamton

    Binghamton, NY
    • $19,590 Tuition
    • 13,412 Enrolled
    • 630 Avg SAT Reading
    • 660 Avg SAT Math
    • 620 Avg SAT Writing
    SUNY Binghamton provides “the best bang for your buck” to “hard-working, high-achieving kids” who want an “Ivy League workload at a SUNY school price.” The school provides “students the ability to receive a top notch education at an affordable ...

    5. Pennsylvania State University--University Park

    University Park, PA
    • $30,404 Tuition
    • 40,541 Enrolled
    • 580 Avg SAT Reading
    • 620 Avg SAT Math
    • 590 Avg SAT Writing
    Immense “pride and a sense of community” pervade every aspect of life at Penn State. Students love the remarkable “school spirit” and “strong family feel” on this vibrant campus, and they are equally proud of the “quality education” they receive. An ...

    6. State University of New York--Purchase College

    Purchase, NY
    • $15,820 Tuition
    • 4,188 Enrolled
    • 560 Avg SAT Reading
    • 540 Avg SAT Math
    In urging its students to “Think Wide Open,” SUNY Purchase features “unique and artistic minds” within its “wonderfully diverse community of people.” Boasting both great value and close proximity to New York City, SUNY Purchase is well known for its ...

    7. Hampton University

    Hampton, VA
    • $17,732 Tuition
    • 3,851 Enrolled
    • 530 Avg SAT Reading
    • 520 Avg SAT Math
    Virginia’s Hampton University is one of the world’s top historically black universities (HBCU), offering students a progressive education in business, the sciences, and the liberal arts. This “school of tradition, family values, and excellent ...

    8. Duquesne University

    Pittsburgh, PA
    • $33,778 Tuition
    • 5,995 Enrolled
    • 570 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    • 560 Avg SAT Writing
    Duquesne University in Pittsburgh is a Catholic university that focuses on “guiding students to be involved, seek their interests, and be constructive members of society.” With around 6,000 undergraduates and a “culturally-rich urban setting” in ...

    9. Suffolk University

    Boston, MA
    • $33,800 Tuition
    • 5,496 Enrolled
    • 500 Avg SAT Reading
    • 500 Avg SAT Math
    • 500 Avg SAT Writing
    From the School: Suffolk University is a comprehensive private university located on Boston's historic Beacon Hill. This global university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 70 areas of study. Distinguished by ...

    10. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Champaign, IL
    • $26,662 Tuition
    • 32,959 Enrolled
    • 640 Avg SAT Reading
    • 740 Avg SAT Math
    • 640 Avg SAT Writing
    From the School: Established as a land-grant university in 1867, the University of Illinois has a rich, committed history to teaching, research, and public engagement. Illinois offers unlimited opportunities with 150+ majors, 1,000+ student ...

    11. University of Missouri

    Columbia, MO
    • $23,943 Tuition
    • 27,654 Enrolled
    • 580 Avg SAT Reading
    • 600 Avg SAT Math
    The “gorgeous campus” at the University of Missouri is filled with “a diverse group of students who are eager to learn and a staff that is eager to teach them.” The school is all about “learning while networking,” and the administration always has ...

    12. Hofstra University

    Hempstead, NY
    • $39,400 Tuition
    • 6,904 Enrolled
    • 560 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    From the School: Discover Your Pride and Purpose at Hofstra University

    At Hofstra University, students live, work and study on a beautiful, state-of-the-art campus that’s only 25 miles east of Manhattan. Our 240-acre campus is ...

    13. Sacred Heart University

    Fairfield, CT
    • $36,920 Tuition
    • 4,997 Enrolled
    • 540 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    Sacred Heart University in Connecticut provides students with everything: “above average academics, numerous student events, and opportunities for students not found many other places.” The “Catholic intellectual tradition” here is all about ...

    14. Christopher Newport University

    Newport News, VA
    • $18,510 Tuition
    • 5,096 Enrolled
    • 580 Avg SAT Reading
    • 580 Avg SAT Math
    • 560 Avg SAT Writing
    Christopher Newport was an English seaman and captain of “the largest of the three ships that brought the Jamestown settlers to the New World.” Over 400 years later, Christopher Newport University “is Virginia’s up and coming prestigious ...

    15. University of Vermont

    Burlington, VT
    • $37,056 Tuition
    • 10,992 Enrolled
    • 590 Avg SAT Reading
    • 600 Avg SAT Math
    • 590 Avg SAT Writing
    At the University of Vermont—“a mid-sized university in a cute town that offers a quality education”—you’ll get that quintessential college experience: a relaxed but academically-focused atmosphere amid big stone buildings and beautiful foliage. The ...

    16. Quinnipiac University

    Hamden, CT
    • $40,720 Tuition
    • 6,553 Enrolled
    • 540 Avg SAT Reading
    • 570 Avg SAT Math
    • 540 Avg SAT Writing
    From the School: Quinnipiac, founded in 1929, is a private, co-educational, non-sectarian university located in a uniquely attractive New England setting in Hamden, CT and nearby North Haven. Quinnipiac's mission is to provide a supportive ...

    17. University of Hawaii-Manoa

    Honolulu, HI
    • $30,696 Tuition
    • 14,126 Enrolled
    • 530 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    • 520 Avg SAT Writing
    The University of Hawaii—Manoa, the flagship school of the University of Hawaii system, offers a solid education and university experience at a competitive price. Students appreciate the diversity of the school—“not only of the students and staff, ...

    18. State University of New York--Stony Brook University

    Stony Brook, NY
    • $21,550 Tuition
    • 16,480 Enrolled
    • 590 Avg SAT Reading
    • 660 Avg SAT Math
    • 600 Avg SAT Writing
    Students at Stony Brook University get all the advantages of a “premiere science and research university,” while also benefiting from the diverse atmosphere and low tuition costs of a large public institution. The school has a “great reputation in ...

    19. State University of New York - University at Albany

    Albany, NY
    • $19,590 Tuition
    • 12,929 Enrolled
    • 540 Avg SAT Reading
    • 560 Avg SAT Math
    Is SUNY Albany (UAlbany to those in the know) the perfect-sized school? Many here think so. Students describe it as “a big school numbers-wise that feels small.” Notes one student, “It has a very broad range of quality academic programs, which is ...

    20. University of Mary Washington

    Fredericksburg, VA
    • $19,768 Tuition
    • 4,167 Enrolled
    • 560 Avg SAT Reading
    • 540 Avg SAT Math
    • 550 Avg SAT Writing
    University of Mary Washington “lives up to its reputation” while providing “rigorous education in a fun and engaging atmosphere.” As an art history major explains, “it is one of (possibly the only) public choice in Virginia for someone who wants to ...

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