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    Adelphi University


    Adelphi University

    Garden City, NY
    • $30,840 Tuition
    • 1120 Avg SAT
    • 5,071 Enrolled

    From the School: Adelphi University has a rich history, an exciting present, and a limitless future. Founded in 1896, Adelphi University is Long Island's oldest private coeducational institution of higher learning. As Adelphi grows, our ...

    City University of New York--Brooklyn College


    City University of New York--Brooklyn College

    Brooklyn, NY
    • $6,330 Tuition
    • 1060 Avg SAT
    • 14,115 Enrolled

    From the School: Brooklyn College is among our nation's elite public colleges. A part of the City University of New York, the college enrolls on average 16,500 undergraduate and graduate students, who represent the ethnic and cultural ...

    DePaul University


    DePaul University

    Chicago, IL
    • $34,390 Tuition
    • 1150 Avg SAT
    • 16,153 Enrolled

    DePaul University’s urban setting means this Chicago school is “all about integrating the opportunities of the city into the classroom,” offering students “the essentials in order for a student to succeed in the business field.” Here, the ...

    Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School


    Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School

    New York, NY
    • $39,030 Tuition
    • 1160 Avg SAT
    • 1,487 Enrolled

    Eugene Lang College is an “unconventional,” highly urban school with few academic requirements where courses have “really long poetic titles” and professors “go by their first names.” “Lang is about small classes in a big city,” summarizes a writing ...

    State University of New York--Oswego


    State University of New York--Oswego

    Oswego, NY
    • $15,820 Tuition
    • 1100 Avg SAT
    • 7,193 Enrolled

    An "excellent business program," a strong education program, a "successful honors program," and "good study-abroad options" highlight the academic offerings of SUNY-Oswego. Professors seem focused on creating a "personal and comfortable learning ...

    Stonehill College


    Stonehill College

    Easton, MA
    • $37,426 Tuition
    • 1120 Avg SAT
    • 2,401 Enrolled

    From the School: Stonehill College's focus is truly on the students, as it has created an environment that caters to them exclusively. Life at Stonehill equates to what many imagine to be the ideal collegiate setting: a 2,558 full-time ...

    The University of Texas at Dallas


    The University of Texas at Dallas

    Richardson, TX
    • $31,328 Tuition
    • 1260 Avg SAT
    • 14,300 Enrolled

    Though nowhere near the size of some of its fellow state schools, UT Dallas provides its more than 12,000 undergraduates with a wealth of resources, financial aid, and opportunities, striving for “a future of talented and smart individuals.” UTD has ...

    Agnes Scott College

    Decatur, GA
    • 1160 Avg SAT
    • 873 Enrolled

    Agnes Scott College is a tiny women’s liberal arts college that is “all about creating intelligent, confident, well rounded women.” With just 900 or so students, there is a pervasively “caring and intellectual atmosphere” at a school that students ...

    Albion College

    Albion, MI
    • $36,872 Tuition
    • 1110 Avg SAT
    • 1,268 Enrolled

    Armed with a “great reputation” and a “small-town feeling,” Albion College provides undergraduates with a “rigorous but rewarding” academic experience replete with “huge opportunities.” Students here truly appreciate that Albion works diligently to ...

    Allegheny College

    Meadville, PA
    • $41,970 Tuition
    • 1160 Avg SAT
    • 2,023 Enrolled

    Allegheny College in western Pennsylvania is a school “where people exude passion about what they are involved in,” and the curriculum is “all about applying your knowledge to your experiences.” The school allows students to combine ...

    American University

    Washington, DC
    • $42,556 Tuition
    • 1240 Avg SAT
    • 7,706 Enrolled

    From the School: Founded in 1893, American University's 84-acre campus is located in the residential "Embassy Row" neighborhood in the northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C. Nestled among embassies and ambassadorial residences, AU's campus ...

    American University in Cairo

    New York, NY
    • 1070 Avg SAT
    • 5,715 Enrolled

    Antioch College

    Yellow Springs, OH
    • $30,250 Tuition
    • 1190 Avg SAT
    • 238 Enrolled

    Appalachian State University

    Boone, NC
    • $16,939 Tuition
    • 1150 Avg SAT
    • 16,255 Enrolled

    From the top down, Appalachian strives to be the very best it can be, satisfied students at this midsize state university tell us. They report that the school accomplishes this end by hiring "open and accessible administrators" and "caring and ...

    Aquinas College

    Grand Rapids, MI
    • $27,332 Tuition
    • 1,851 Enrolled

    Arizona State University

    Tempe, AZ
    • $23,830 Tuition
    • 1140 Avg SAT
    • 39,968 Enrolled

    Arizona State University’s “greatest strength is the great depth of its faculty and wealth of opportunities offered to students.” Many students say they chose ASU because it “offers a huge range of classes and majors at a reasonable cost for ...

    Art Center College of Design

    Pasadena, CA
    • 1,824 Enrolled

    Auburn University

    Auburn, AL
    • $25,776 Tuition
    • 1160 Avg SAT
    • 20,629 Enrolled

    Auburn University is a traditional Southern school full of Southern hospitality that provides a surprisingly “family-like atmosphere” for a school of 25,000 and an unsurprising level of school spirit. “Auburn people are proud to be Auburn people,” ...

    Austin College

    Sherman, TX
    • 1200 Avg SAT
    • 1,278 Enrolled

    “Individual attention” is the name of the game at Austin College. Indeed, the small size of the school allows for a lot of “one-on-one interaction” and provides students with “many opportunities to get involved on campus.” Additionally, students are ...

    Babson College

    Babson Park, MA
    • $46,784 Tuition
    • 1280 Avg SAT
    • 2,107 Enrolled

    From the School: Babson College is the educator, convener, and thought leader for Entrepreneurship of All Kinds™. As the only school to teach Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®, Babson shapes the leaders our world needs most: those with ...

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