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    1. Harvey Mudd College

    Claremont, CA
    • $48,315 Tuition
    • 1500 Avg SAT
    • 783 Enrolled

    Harvey Mudd College, one of the five Claremont Colleges in Southern California’s Inland Empire, “is a small science and math school with a quirky community that is the perfect fit for those who are serious about both their technical studies and ...

    2. California Institute of Technology

    Pasadena, CA
    • $41,790 Tuition
    • 1540 Avg SAT
    • 977 Enrolled

    Beyond arguably one of the most rigorous undergraduate educations in science out there, Caltech is a small, tight-knit community that is “geared towards training tomorrow’s leaders and pioneers in the field of science.” There may be a heavy emphasis ...

    3. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

    Needham, MA
    • $43,500 Tuition
    • 1490 Avg SAT
    • 355 Enrolled

    If the “hands-on approach to engineering, friendly students, small and intimate setting, [and reputation as] academically one of the best schools in the nation” don’t win you over, perhaps the fact that “Olin is constantly changing curriculum to try ...

    4. Reed College

    Portland, OR
    • $47,500 Tuition
    • 1380 Avg SAT
    • 1,395 Enrolled

    From the School: Intellectual. Free-thinking. Rigorous. Laid back. Classical. Iconoclastic. Paradoxical. Liberal. College guides grapple to define the Reed College experience, but they all tend to agree on two points: Reed is one of the most ...

    5. Middlebury College

    Middlebury, VT
    • $45,637 Tuition
    • 1380 Avg SAT
    • 2,495 Enrolled

    One of the most highly regarded liberal arts colleges in the United States, Middlebury College in Vermont is about “creating a person both socially and intellectually prepared for the world.” The school has “a high level of global thinking and ...

    6. Swarthmore College

    Swarthmore, PA
    • $45,700 Tuition
    • 1440 Avg SAT
    • 1,534 Enrolled

    From the School: Swarthmore, one of the nation's finest institutions of higher learning, is a college like no other. Private, yet open to all regardless of financial need. Global in outlook, the College draws students from around the world ...

    7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Cambridge, MA
    • $44,720 Tuition
    • 1500 Avg SAT
    • 4,528 Enrolled

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the East Coast mecca of engineering, science, and mathematics, “is the ultimate place for information overload, endless possibilities, and expanding your horizons.” The “amazing collection of creative minds” ...

    8. Marlboro College

    Marlboro, VT
    • $36,300 Tuition
    • 1230 Avg SAT
    • 240 Enrolled

    From the School: Marlboro College is a liberal arts college known for the rigor of its self-directed academic program. The philosophy at Marlboro is that of self-governance and empowering students who value learning for its own sake. The ...

    9. Carleton College

    Northfield, MN
    • 1420 Avg SAT
    • 2,045 Enrolled

    Students seeking a “top-notch” and “cooperative…learning environment that challenges students without leaving them overwhelmed” will find a happy home at Carleton College, an extremely rigorous liberal arts school characterized by what students call ...

    10. Princeton University

    Princeton, NJ
    • $40,170 Tuition
    • 1500 Avg SAT
    • 5,391 Enrolled

    From the School: Princeton combines the strengths of a major research university with the qualities of an outstanding liberal arts college. The University prepares its 5,200 undergraduates for lives of leadership and service. ...

    Gettysburg College


    11. Gettysburg College

    Gettysburg, PA
    • $47,480 Tuition
    • 1280 Avg SAT
    • 2,451 Enrolled

    From the School: Gettysburg is a national college of liberal arts and sciences located in the world-famous town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Our 2,600 students are actively involved in an academically rigorous and personally challenging ...

    12. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

    New York, NY
    • $39,600 Tuition
    • 1380 Avg SAT
    • 876 Enrolled

    Gifted students clamor for a spot at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. The universal “full-tuition scholarships” have been one of the school’s major selling points. However, the rigorous and “very reputable” academic programs ...

    13. Grinnell College

    Grinnell, IA
    • $45,217 Tuition
    • 1380 Avg SAT
    • 1,721 Enrolled

    Founded in 1846, Grinnell College is a small private liberal arts college in Iowa where innovative intellectual discourse is central to learning. Guided by a commitment to academic rigor and a “commitment to social justice,” the school stresses ...

    14. Carnegie Mellon University

    Pittsburgh, PA
    • $47,560 Tuition
    • 1440 Avg SAT
    • 6,223 Enrolled

    The dedicated students at Carnegie Mellon range from the hard-core engineers to the artsiest of drama students (making it “a breeding ground for interdisciplinary collaboration”); however, the school’s motto—”My heart is in the work”—rings true for ...

    15. Harvard College

    Cambridge, MA
    • $40,418 Tuition
    • 1500 Avg SAT
    • 6,694 Enrolled

    Bully to those who get the chance to be a part of the “dynamic universe” that is Harvard College, who find themselves in an “amazing irresistible hell” that pushes them to the extremes of their intellect and ability. Unsurprisingly, the legendarily ...

    16. University of Chicago

    Chicago, IL
    • 1510 Avg SAT
    • 5,681 Enrolled

    From the School: The University of Chicago encourages a close-knit, collaborative learning environment on their campus in Hyde Park. Drawn to theoretical inquiry and open discussion, UChicago's 5,300 undergraduates enjoy small classes and ...

    17. Cornell University

    Ithaca, NY
    • 1420 Avg SAT
    • 14,453 Enrolled

    The westernmost of the Ivies, Cornell University provides its students with a prestigious education, paired with “an unwavering commitment to leave a positive impact on the world.” The school is “more than a bunch of books and exams—it’s an ...

    18. Haverford College

    Haverford, PA
    • $46,790 Tuition
    • 1400 Avg SAT
    • 1,187 Enrolled

    From the School: Haverford College, founded in 1833, is a small liberal arts college located on an idyllic campus in the Philadelphia suburb of Haverford. Haverford provides a rigorous and intensely personal undergraduate education inspired ...

    19. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Worcester, MA
    • $42,178 Tuition
    • 1300 Avg SAT
    • 3,952 Enrolled

    From the School: You want to be on the first Mars mission, find alternative energy sources, or cure cancer. WPI wants to help you make an impact. Our students do much more than study science and technology. They delve into the arts and ...

    20. Wellesley College

    Wellesley, MA
    • $44,802 Tuition
    • 1090 Avg SAT
    • 2,323 Enrolled

    This “rigorous” all-women’s school in Massachusetts is one of the most selective liberal arts schools in the country, boasting notable alumnae such as Madeline Albright, Nora Ephron, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Since Wellesley is all about ...

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