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Harvard College

Cambridge, MA
  • $40,418 Tuition
  • 1500 Avg SAT
  • 6,694 Enrolled

Bully to those who get the chance to be a part of the “dynamic universe” that is Harvard College, who find themselves in an “amazing irresistible hell” that pushes them to the extremes of their intellect and ability. Unsurprisingly, the legendarily ...

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY
  • 1420 Avg SAT
  • 14,453 Enrolled

The westernmost of the Ivies, Cornell University provides its students with a prestigious education, paired with “an unwavering commitment to leave a positive impact on the world.” The school is “more than a bunch of books and exams—it’s an ...

Brown University

Providence, RI
  • $46,408 Tuition
  • 1440 Avg SAT
  • 6,548 Enrolled

Known for its somewhat unconventional (but still highly regarded) approaches to life and learning, Brown University remains the slightly odd man out of the Ivy League, and the school wouldn’t have it any other way. The school’s willingness to employ ...

Boston University

Boston, MA
  • $45,686 Tuition
  • 1300 Avg SAT
  • 18,017 Enrolled

Long recognized for offering both the breadth of a large research university and the depth of a private college, the “various schools and colleges within Boston University provide students with access to almost every imaginable program of study.” In ...

New York University

New York, NY
  • $43,746 Tuition
  • 1340 Avg SAT
  • 24,985 Enrolled

“Location, location, location” in “the most amazing city on earth,” along with “great facilities” and “top-notch faculty,” makes New York University an excellent choice for those seeking “an untraditional college experience” in “a paradise for the ...

Stanford University

Stanford, CA
  • $44,184 Tuition
  • 1480 Avg SAT
  • 7,089 Enrolled

There are few universities that can match the prestige and caliber of Stanford University. At “the forefront of [nearly] every field of study,” it’s easy to understand why so many students are attracted to the school. Of course, far more than simply ...

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ
  • $41,820 Tuition
  • 1500 Avg SAT
  • 5,391 Enrolled

As a member of the grand old Ivy League, Princeton University has long maintained a “sterling reputation” for quality academics; however, students say Princeton’s “unique focus on the undergraduate experience” is what makes their school stand out ...

Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA
  • $46,670 Tuition
  • 1360 Avg SAT
  • 9,154 Enrolled

Boston College, a small Jesuit school on the outskirts of Boston, “is all about educating the person as a whole.” Its strong core curriculum ensures all students receive a “well-rounded” liberal arts education regardless of their chosen major. ...

Yale University

New Haven, CT
  • $44,000 Tuition
  • 1500 Avg SAT
  • 5,438 Enrolled

Listening to Yale students wax rhapsodic about their school, one can be forgiven for wondering whether they aren’t actually describing the platonic form of the university. By their own account, students here benefit not only from “amazing academics ...

Duke University

Durham, NC
  • $44,020 Tuition
  • 1460 Avg SAT
  • 6,655 Enrolled

Duke University is “all about academic excellence complemented by highly competitive Division I sports and an enriching array of extracurricular activities,” making the university “an exciting, challenging, and enjoyable place to be.” Undergraduates ...

Clemson University

Clemson, SC
  • $30,622 Tuition
  • 1260 Avg SAT
  • 17,260 Enrolled

Located in South Carolina, legendary sports stronghold Clemson University is “all about supporting its academics as well as its athletic teams.” This public university is an AACC school that can provide “many opportunities to each student, no matter ...

Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN
  • $42,768 Tuition
  • 1500 Avg SAT
  • 6,851 Enrolled

The word “balance” is much used by students in describing Vanderbilt University, whether it is the “campus mixed with city, academics mixed with social life, small population mixed with big athletics,” or the “unique balance [that] exists between ...

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY
  • $40,380 Tuition
  • 1180 Avg SAT
  • 15,224 Enrolled

The school spirit is definitely palpable the minute you set foot onto Syracuse's campus. Indeed, it's highly evident that "everyone here bleeds orange." Frankly; it's no surprise that 'Cuse undergrads truly love their school. The ...

Northeastern University

Boston, MA
  • $42,534 Tuition
  • 1420 Avg SAT
  • 17,400 Enrolled

Boston’s Northeastern University is all about “experiential learning, a global outlook, high standard academics and the balance of success with a happy life.” The major draw is the school’s signature co-op program, where students spend up to three ...

University of California--Berkeley

Berkeley, CA
  • $34,098 Tuition
  • 1380 Avg SAT
  • 25,951 Enrolled

The flagship campus of the University of California school system with a "highly respectable name," UC Berkeley "has great faculty, great research, great classes, and everyone knows it." The school "really encourages us to go out and learn, ...

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA
  • $40,506 Tuition
  • 1360 Avg SAT
  • 16,483 Enrolled

There is much to love about the University of Virginia, one of the country’s top public universities. Just to name a few: “Tradition, student self-governance, the honor system, the access to world renowned professors, [and] the beauty of the ...

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA
  • 1380 Avg SAT
  • 18,740 Enrolled

The University of Southern California boasts “a dynamic and culturally diverse campus located in a world-class city which is equally dynamic and culturally diverse.” Everything related to cinema is “top notch.” Among the other 150 or so majors here, ...

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC
  • $31,505 Tuition
  • 1300 Avg SAT
  • 18,350 Enrolled

It’s quite an understatement to say students at UNC—Chapel Hill are proud of their school. One calls it his “dream school,” while another calls it the “perfect mixture of academics, sports, and social life.” Although its relative low cost makes UNC ...

Georgetown University

Washington, DC
  • 1420 Avg SAT
  • 7,595 Enrolled

This moderately sized elite academic establishment stays true to its Jesuit foundations by educating its students with the idea of “cura personalis,” or “care for the whole person.” The “well-informed” student body perpetuates upon itself, creating ...

Pennsylvania State University--University Park

University Park, PA
  • $29,522 Tuition
  • 1190 Avg SAT
  • 40,541 Enrolled

Immense “pride and a sense of community” pervade every aspect of life at Penn State. Students love the remarkable “school spirit” and “strong family feel” on this vibrant campus, and they are equally proud of the “quality education” they receive. An ...

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