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  • PSAT Test Preparation

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    The Princeton Review Advantage

    • Convenient and highly effective prep options
    • Test-prep and admissions Expertise
    • Guaranteed results

    Private Tutoring

    Completely Personalized Prep


    • Course Benefits:

      • A tutor with the skills and style to best meet your needs
      • The freedom to meet when and where you want
      • A plan to help you get into your top-choice schools
    • Course Features:

      • A custom prep plan designed by an elite tutor
      • Frequent adjustments to match your progress
      • Pay-as-you-go programs
      • 2 full-length practice tests

    Classroom Courses

    A Complete Prep Experience


    • Course Benefits:

      • Go over the exam's content and learn excusive test-taking strategies
      • Benefit from realistic testing practice
      • Eliminate weaknesses and build confidence
    • Course Features:

      • Hours: 9 hours of in-class instruction
      • Practice tests: 2 full-length, proctored practice PSATs
      • Study tools: Access to our PSAT Self-Paced course
      • Extra help: Post-course, brush-up session before test day
      • Guarantee: Score higher or get your money back

    PSAT 101

    A Focused Workshop


    • Course Benefits:

      • Review the exam's format and content
      • Test your skills with 1 full-length practice test
      • Receive a detailed score report highlighting your strengths and weaknesses
    • Course Features:

      • Hours: 3 hours of in-class instruction
      • Practice tests: 1 full-length, proctored, practice PSAT

    Self-Paced Study

    An Ideal Choice for Self-Directed Learners


    • Course Benefits:

      • Self-paced content review
      • Key strategies to approach question types
      • A complete suite of online practice tools
    • Course Features:

      • Hours: 10-15 hours of interactive self-paced online lessons
      • Practice tests: 1 full-length practice PSAT
      • Extra help: Tech support provided via email or phone


      A Complete Suite of PSAT Preparation Guides

      Study on your own with our comprehensive line of test-prep books, including the best-selling title Cracking the PSAT.

      • Features:

        • Step-by-step instructions
        • Expert tips, strategies and advice
        • Detailed answers and explanations

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