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  • Attending a Princeton Review event is a great way for you to see our teachers in action. Our SAT free events are held at locations around the country with the goal of providing you with helpful info about the SAT, colleges, and the admissions process.

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    PSAT Scores…Now What?

    These free workshops are designed to help students and parents make sense of PSAT scores and jump-start the college admissions process. Topics covered include: how the PSAT correlates to the SAT and ACT, the next steps in the college admissions process and the ideal SAT and/or ACT testing timeline.

    Strategy Sessions

    Our strategy sessions are packed with need-to-know information about the SAT and the role it plays in college admissions. We'll go over the content of the exam, walk through some sample questions and show you score-raising strategies you can use on Test Day.

    Practice Tests

    How will you score? Find out by taking a full-length practice SAT (or PSAT) given under the same testing conditions as the actual exams. You'll learn about the endurance and skill needed to score high on the SAT, and you'll get a personalized score report that shows your strengths and weaknesses.

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    Free Classes

    Our SAT (PSAT) free class is a great way to figure out if a Princeton Review course is for you. You'll go through sample problems with one of our expert instructors, and see how the course can help you prepare now and score higher later.

    Meet the Tutors

    This intimate event is a great opportunity to both learn the details of our programs and to experience, first-hand, how these tutors' dynamic personalities and specialized knowledge help their students to meet and surpass their test scoring goals.