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  • Program Philosophy:

    SAT Subject Tests can boost your chances of admission by showing your strength in specific academic areas. So, why not get together with a few of your friends to knock these tests out of the park? We can create a custom group where you'll get all the focused attention you need to master the subject matter and get a higher score on your exam.

    Course features:

    • 12 hours of live instruction
    • Class size limited to 4 students
    • A copy of our Cracking book in the subject of your choice
    • 1 proctored SAT Subject Test exam
    • Additional practice using an actual SAT Subject Test exam
    • Extensive personal feedback based on your needs
    • Comprehensive prep for all parts of the test

    You'll get the most out of this course if:

    • You're looking for tailored instruction and lots of individual attention
    • You want to be able to prep with friends
    • You want a high score
    • You are energized by the interaction within a classroom environment

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