About The Princeton Review

For 30 years, The Princeton Review has been the destination for college and grad bound students to make their dreams a reality. Last year alone, we helped more than 3.5 million students get into a great college or grad school. How do we do it? Online and in-person tutoring and test prep from top-notch educators as well as more than 150 books that provide test prep help to college admissions advice.

We Crack Every Test

Our tutors teach students content and specific, proven strategies that only come from deep knowledge of each test. Students learn how to use POE (process of elimination), how to use speed and accuracy for more points and when it’s good to guess (letter of the day!) or never guess. And what test scorers are looking for in written sections. There are no surprises on test day.

We Find Your Test Advantage

All students have strengths and weaknesses. We help students identify what they need to work on early in the process and customize their prep program. This guarantees that students spend time only where they need to build competencies.

We Guarantee Better Scores

What good is prepping if you don’t raise your score? That’s why we guarantee results from specific score improvements to money back guarantees.

We Rank and Rate Thousands of Colleges

Robert Franek, our college admissions guru visits dozens of college campuses each year and meets thousands of students. His team surveys 130,000 students to get their unfiltered opinions about everything from campus life to best courses. Whether you want to know where you can eat gluten-free or get the most financial aid, we’ve covered it.

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