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  • How to Interpret Your GRE Scores

  • In August 2011, the GRE exam and its scoring scale were revised. This concordance table will help you compare the new scores to the old scoring scale.

    How to read the chart

    The magenta and blue bars indicate your percentile ranking and the percentage of test takers for any given score range. These numbers are an estimate for how you would have scored on either the old or new test. For a more precise breakdown, go to www.gre.org and type in "concordance." If you are applying to business schools, the chart also shows you how you might have scored on the GMAT by displaying math and verbal raw score equivalents. To convert a GRE score to scaled GMAT score (200-800) go to www.gre.org and type in "GMAT Comparison".

    Download the chart here

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