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  • Our Guarantee to You


    We guarantee your satisfaction.

    The Princeton Review Promise:

    • Readiness Guarantee: If at the end of our course, you do not feel ready to take the test for which you are preparing, you may repeat the course you have just completed or, if available, take a refresher course.

    • OR
    • Satisfaction Guarantee: If at the end of our program, you are not satisfied, regardless of how much your score improves, you may continue to work with us for up to a year.

    • OR
    • Money Back Guarantee: If, after taking our program, your score doesn't improve, you may receive a tuition refund.

    Please click below on SAT/ACT or GMAT/GRE/LSAT/MCAT for details of The Princeton Review's Guarantee offers and program eligibility.

    The above Guarantees are not available for Princeton Review courses not listed on this website (e.g., courses offered through schools or other institutions unless otherwise provided in The Princeton Review written course description).

    For more information, check with your local office or call 888-955-4600.

    To read the fine print, go to:

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