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Harvard University

Cambridge, MA
  • $54,850 Tuition
  • 1,752 Enrolled

Harvard Law School—perhaps you’ve heard of it?—is like the land of Oz for aspiring lawyers, where “anything you want exists.” Indeed, the school has plenty of funding for student scholarships, interests, and activities, and the opportunities for ...

Columbia University - School of Law

New York, NY
  • $58,292 Tuition
  • 1,170 Enrolled
  • 171 Avg LSAT

Columbia Law School is “a very exciting and dynamic place.” The curriculum is very heavy on legal theory “with a dash of practical, just for show,” and the “breadth of course offerings” is staggering. There are countless centers and programs ...

Georgetown University - Law Center

Washington, DC
  • $53,130 Tuition
  • 580 Enrolled
  • 165 Avg LSAT

The “prestigious,” “ridiculously large,” and tangentially Jesuit Georgetown University Law Center is “a choose-your-own-adventure school” in “a prime downtown D.C. location.” “The sheer variety of the offerings is stunning,” declares a 2L. “If you ...

New York University - School of Law

New York, NY
  • $55,330 Tuition
  • 1,423 Enrolled

New York University School of Law is a “highly ranked” program with “a seemingly bottomless well of resources with which students can explore their academic/career interests.” NYU’s “academic experience cannot be beat,” and the school “provides the ...

University of Virginia - School of Law

Charlottesville, VA
  • $49,246 Tuition
  • 1,005 Enrolled

Founded by Thomas Jefferson himself, the University of Virginia School of Law is one of the oldest law schools in the country, and has educated generations of lawyers and turned out hundreds of law firm heads, law clerks, and judges. This “unique ...

Northwestern University - School of Law

Chicago, IL
  • $56,134 Tuition
  • 737 Enrolled

Located “in the heart of Chicago,” Northwestern University School of Law has a first-rate “national reputation” for “developing practical skills” and offering “world-class” clinics that give students “unbelievable” opportunities to work on “real ...

Yale University - Law School

New Haven, CT
  • $55,800 Tuition
  • 607 Enrolled
  • 173 Avg LSAT

It’s hard to beat Yale Law School, where the atmosphere is “highly intellectual” and classes are mostly “small” (first-year classes vary in size from fifteen to ninety students). One of the many uniquely cool things about Yale is that “there aren’t ...

Stanford University - School of Law

Stanford, CA
  • $52,350 Tuition
  • 577 Enrolled
  • 171 Avg LSAT

“People are happy” at Stanford Law School, and why wouldn’t they be? There are “tons of programs,” an array of specialized centers, and a couple dozen joint-degree options. The eleven clinics here include a Supreme Court litigation clinic and an IP ...

Duke University - School of Law

Durham, NC
  • $54,460 Tuition

Despite its ranking as one of country’s top law schools, students describe Duke University School of Law as “friendly and uncompetitive as a highly selective law school could be,” praising its “fantastic atmosphere” and “excellent” professors. ...

University of Chicago - Law School

Chicago, IL
  • $55,503 Tuition
  • 604 Enrolled

It’s not exactly a secret that The University of Chicago’s Law School is one of the most highly-regarded and academically rigorous law programs in the entire country, with one of the most competitive acceptance rates to boot. UChicago is “invested ...

Boston University - School of Law

Boston, MA
  • $46,096 Tuition
  • 646 Enrolled

Among much to praise at BU’s seriously competitive law school, students report almost universally that “the dedication of the faculty and administration has to be the greatest strength” of the program. BU was one of the first law schools to admit ...

George Washington University - Law School

Washington, DC
  • $40,100 Tuition
  • 167 Avg LSAT

The caliber of the “limitless” resources available to a George Washington University law students are outstanding, and the location cannot be beat; its various connections to federal agencies, lobbyists, firms, and judges in the area make it easy to ...

American University - Washington College of Law

Washington, DC
  • $48,662 Tuition
  • 1,367 Enrolled

Boasting some of the country’s top international law programs, American University’s Washington College of Law takes a student-centered approach in which students internalize material and gain working knowledge of the law. Professors are “less ...

University of California, Berkeley - Berkeley Law

Berkeley, CA
  • $48,166 Tuition
  • 908 Enrolled
  • 165 Avg LSAT

The UC Berkeley School of Law is indisputably one the nation’s most respected centers of legal education. Students praise the breadth of the specialized courses in areas such as “intellectual property/technology law, environmental law, ...

Boston College - Law School

Newton, MA
  • $46,790 Tuition
  • 716 Enrolled

The future barristers of Boston College Law School rave that their “academic experience has been better than I ever expected law school to be.” The academic facilities “are excellent. Many are state of the art with appropriate media, and some have ...

University of Michigan - Law School

Ann Arbor, MI
  • $51,154 Tuition
  • 1,001 Enrolled

As a consistently top ten law school, the University of Michigan has a lot to brag about in terms of “name recognition, academic reputation, [and] alumni network.” That said, even though “everyone at Michigan is really proud to be here,” they’re not ...

Vanderbilt University - Law School

Nashville, TN
  • $49,300 Tuition
  • 525 Enrolled

Located in the heart of Nashville, Vanderbilt University Law School welcomes its students into a “friendly and welcoming atmosphere [with] very casual and approachable faculty.” More students say they are “continually impressed with the quality of ...

University of Pennsylvania - Law School

Philadelphia, PA
  • $53,430 Tuition
  • 756 Enrolled

Founded in 1850, Penn Law is one of the country’s most outstanding law schools, boasting a “stellar” academic reputation and a cross-disciplinary program nearly unrivalled by other schools. The school “has a lot of resources and ensures that it ...

UCLA - School of Law

Los Angeles, CA
  • $45,226 Tuition
  • 992 Enrolled

At UCLA’s law school, “The professors are all studs in their field, and most teach 1L courses. It's pretty cool to have a famous professor as a teacher in your first year.” Students feel like a priority to their professors and administrators despite ...

Fordham University - School of Law

New York, NY
  • $51,880 Tuition
  • 1,209 Enrolled

New York City’s Fordham University School of Law carries a “strong reputation and hardworking, practical students,” who benefit from “[the school’s] connection and location within the strong NYC job market.” With “lots of experiential opportunities” ...

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